What Type of Touch Screen Does Your iPad Replace?

If your iPad touch digitizer will not respond to touch at all, first make certain the flex cable is not crimped (folded too much) or damaged, as the flex cable is very fragile so do not bend or handle roughly. If not the problem of flex cable, you need to consider replacing the touch screen.


At present, the supply of iPad touch screen assembly on the market is roughly divided into three types: original (original new, original), original refurbished and copy.

Each source has its own characteristics.

For example, the original new is more expensive and the supply is unstable. The original refurbished price is reasonable and the supply is stable. The copy price is cheap, but the function is unstable.

ipad touch screen quality level

Let’s take the iPad 6 2018 touch screen as an example.

First of all, let’s look at the copy

It is characterized by copy touch film + flex cable + front glass lens.

copy touch screen with logo

Next is original refurbished touch screen.

The structure is 1:1 high copy touch film + glass lensBut with original flex cable.

refurbished touch screen with logo

The last is original new touch screen.

Of course, it is used 100% original new touch screen + flex cable + glass lens.

original touch screen with logo

Finally, Let’s make a comparison from the price:

Copy is $7; Original refurbished is $13.5; Original new is $25 (the price is for reference only).

We can see that the original refurbished quality is cheap in price and stable in the function and source. It is a good choice.


For the delivery status of all iPad touch screen assemblies , all accessories will be affixed before delivery.

The home button will also be installed if the home button does not have a fingerprint function.

The touch glue is the most sticky.

shipping package ipad 6 2018

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How to Choose A Qualified Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ Back Camera

There are multiple cameras on the Galaxy S10/S10+ phones which use the latest technology to enhance colours in ultra-high definition and reduce blur with integrated stabiliser software.

Samsung S10

Original Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ Back Camera Module – Triple 12 MP + 12 MP + 16 MP.

Original-For-Samsung-Galaxy-S10 View-Back-Camera-Module

But if you want to replace your old, worn-out or broken camera module for the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus. How to choose a qualified one?


Today, Future Supplier gives you a detailed test method to find a qualified back camera.

First of all, we need to know, In terms of structure, S10/10+ series have the same rear camera structure and universal rear camera.

s10 back camera with same structure

There are currently 2 versions on the market. The right one is the OK version.

S10 Right version back camera

The detailed steps are as follows:

From the appearance, it is divided into two kinds of sources: disassembled and Original new.

S10 Two kind quality

Let’s take Original new source as an example (the same for disassembled) :

1. Visual inspection: We use a digital microscope to detect scratches, dirt, spots.

If the following conditions occur (scratches, dirt, spots), it will be judged as defective.

defective camera with logo

If all are ok, it is qualified.

qualified camera with logo

2. Function test: After installation, enter the Camera Mode, adjust the focus, test focus function.

camera installation with logo

Camera mode With logo

Samsung S10 Camera Focus test with logo

After finishing the focus test, enter the Engineering mode (Input *#0*#), test against a black and white background, if no abnormalities are found, it is judged as qualified camera.

Engineering mode With logo

white background with logo

black background with logo

If there are dead pixels, dark spots, different colors, Out of focus, it is a bad one.

dead pixels with logo

Through professional appearance and function tests, you can find a qualified rear camera.

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Important Notice About Shipping Time Delay

Recently, there have been many logistics delays abroad.

One of the reasones is affected by the global epidemic, the Hong Kong government has  amended its regulations. Pilots returning to Hong Kong are required to stay in Hong Kong for 72 hours in isolation, so the pilots from the entrance flight cannot pick up the exit  flight. UPS/DHL/FedEx are all affected. The shipping time has risen sharply, and the freight rate continues to rise.

logistic company

The other reason is the coming peak period for global trade. As we all know, September to December is the high season for export. For shipment during a Peak Period, the specific delay time is subject to actual circumstances.

global trade peak

Because of the above reasones, major express companies have begun to deliver limited quantities, resulting in limited freight forwarder shipping capacity. It takes more time waiting for the freight forwarder shipping to express companies.

We apologize for the inconvenience of the shipping. In order to avoid the shipping delay, we highly recommend customers arrange the orders in advance.

New shipping time with logo                                                        Shipping time for reference

Perfect Solution for iPhone 12 Series Non-Genuine Screen Warning & True Tone Missing Problem

iPhone users have all encountered the same problem, APPLE has blocked the true tone function and  Genuine Tip when people replaced an aftermarket screens, even they choose an OEM screen.

true tone missing-


For iPhone 8-11series, the true tone function will lose when replacing the original display. This issue can be solved by writing the internal code through the code writer.  For iPhone 12 series, even moving the IC module cannot solve this problem.

True tone

But now!  New solution has solved this problem – a true tone programmer which can repair the true tone function. Only compatible for our new incell iPhone 12 series screen. Following is the article and learn how to solve it.

iphone 12 display and brightness

First, you need a “True Tone Programmer”. This tool is only compatible for this new incell iPhone 12 series screen.

iPhone 12 true tone programmer

Step 1: Remove the original screen from your iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 true tone programmer and lcd

Step 2: Install the battery and turn on the power switch.

Step 2 install the battery

Step 3: Install the original screen, press the side S1 button to read the original color data. When the status indicator light is on, wait for the buzzer to sound once. When the status indicator light is off, it indicating that the reading is successful, and then can remove the original screen.

step 3 instll the original screen

Step 4: Install the new screen, press the S2 button on the side to burn the original true tone data. When the status indicator lights up, wait for the buzzer to sound. When the status indicator goes off, it means the programming is successful, and then remove the screen.

step 4 install the incell screen

Step 5: Test the true tone function.  Install the new screen to test if the true tone function is repaired.

step 5 test the true tone function

Pay Attention:

When data reading or programming is unsuccessful, the buzzer will sound at intervals. And the status light keeps flashing. Please remove the display and turn on the power again.

For iPhone 12 series new Incell Display Description

  1. Innovation Makes Progress: This new incell screen for iPhone 12 series has few display and touch issues because of the TDDI Technology and COF flex cable. Integration of touch-controlled IC and display-driven IC functions into one IC. It makes the display and touch functions more stable. The touch is more sensitive and responsive.
  2. Incell + COF mechanism, no grid lines, ultra-thin and narrow border, assemble perfect.
  3. Wide gamut(NTSC100%), high brightness (720 nits) and high saturation.
  4. 170 Degrees super wide viewing angle, the black screen comparable to original.
  5. When you wear sunglasses and rotate 360 degrees, the display will not change color and darken.
  6. The automatic production line makes product quality more stable and reliable.

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New Solution -Solve iPhone 11 Series Non-Genuine Screen Warning

iPhone 11 non-original display

In our last blog , we discussed 2 ways to solve the problem of iPhone 11 Non-Genuiner screen warning. One is is replacing the touch screen which requires professional skills and tools, but the cost is small; The other is replacing the display screen which cost more( as display screen is more expensive than touch screen).

Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine apple display

Future Supplier Team has been working hard to solve this problem in a simpler way. After continuous testing and experimentation, we came up with a new way to solve this problem – it is China Copy LCD which solved this problem perfectly.

The following is our test results with different quality LCD screens  (System upgrade to iOS14.4.1)

  Let’s look at the iPhone 11 first.

1. China Copy LCD (IOS 14.4.1)

iPhone 11 copy lcd

After replacement for both of battery and display, at the SettingGeneral page, there is one ‘Important Hardware Messages‘, which is for battery.  No indication of Screen.

iPhone 11 no Notification

2. OEM Assembled/Refurbished LCD (IOS 14.4.1)

iphone 11 oem refurbished

After replacement for both of battery and display, at the Setting – General page, there are two ‘Important Hardware Messages‘, one for battery and the other for display. Regardless of the battery, for the display, it showsUnable to verify this phone has a genuine Apple display’

iphone 11 oem refurbished notice


The next to verify is the iPhone 11 pro

1. China Copy LCD/ China Copy Hard & Soft OLED Display (IOS 14.4.1)

iphone 11 pro high copy lcd

After replacement of display, at the Setting page, there is one ‘Important Hardware Messages‘ for display, but at the General page, it did not show any message about display.

iphone 11 pro no notification

2. OEM Assembled/Refurbished Display (IOS 14.4.1)

iphone 11 pro oem refurbished

After replacement of display, at the Setting – General page, there is ‘Important Hardware Messages‘ for display, enter the General page, it showsUnable to verify this phone has a genuine Apple display.’

 iphone 11 pro oem refurbished notice

  The last to verify is iPhone 11 pro max

1.China Copy LCD/China Copy Hard&Soft OLED (IOS 14.4.1)

iphone 11 pro high copy

After replacement of display, at the Setting – General page, It did not show any message about display.  

iphone 11 pro max notice


2. OEM Assembled/Refurbished Display (IOS 14.4.1)

iphone 11 pro max oem refurbished

After replacement of display, at the Setting page, there is NO ‘Important Hardware Messages‘ for display, but at the General page, it shows the message ‘Unable to verify this phone has a genuine Apple display.’

iphone 11 pro max oem refurbished notice


 In conclusion: Upgrade to IOS:14.4.1, China Copy LCD solves the problem of iPhone 11 Series Non-Genuine Screen Warning . 

  OEM Assembled/Refurbished Display still shows ‘Unable to verify this phone has a genuine Apple display.’

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How to Solve the iPhone 11 New Replaced Display Non-Genuine Display Warning Issue

Apple has published a new support document that says the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max will present customers with a warning if the devices are unable to verify a genuine display after a screen repair job.

Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine apple display

Many of our repair shop customers also complain this problem, No matter what types of displays, OEM original new or LCD screen, this warning makes the confusion and awkwardness to their customers. Here we would like to share a technique and a simple method on how to solve this warning.

The reason is the iPhone display screen replacement requires the manipulation of Apple authority technicians with Apple’s original parts and tools. There is a touch module on the display flex which contains the iPhone 11 system data. If we use a new replaced display and power on the phone, the touch module data cannot match with the iPhone system . That’s why the warning pop-up on the screen. What we need to do is replacing the original touch module to the new display screen.

There are two ways: One is replacing the touch screen which requires professional skills and tools, but the cost is small; The other is replacing the display screen which cost more( as display screen is more expensive than touch screen)

The way for replacing the touch screen, please click the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5CUP38__1Q

For Apple iPhone 11 pro digitizer screen with front glass

The following is the steps for replacing the display:

1. Power off the broken iPhone and tear down the original display screen;


2. Replace the face ID module from the original display to the new iPhone display;


3. Put the new iPhone display on the table, Use the special machine to grind the module and clear the module after it is completed;

1-3 touch module

4. Clean out the black adhesive from the module with solder flux and solder wick and heat up with hot air gun;

5.Tear down the touch module from the original display, use hot air gun to blow and steel tool to pry carefully


6. Clear out the black adhesive on the module, use solder past to reball the touch module by smearing the solder on the stencil and heating with hot air gun blowing

7. Applying some solder flux on the module and heating with hot air gun; Connect the display into the iPhone after the touch module is cold down.



8.Test the new display function,the pop-up non-genuine warning disappear, all the display functions are normal. The whole procedure completed successfully.


PS: 1. As to the aftermarket(Copy) iPhone display, such as iPhone 11 LCD display screen, the touch module is different from the original display.It is impossible to proceed with the same steps above.

2. The whole steps on section one are complicated. It is manipulated under the hands of the professional technician. It does not work if we try it on our iPhone without special tools and professional guidance. Contact us if you are interested.


What Caused Samsung Galaxy S20 Black Screen and Restarts Problem


Recently, Some Samsung users reported that they are starting to experience an unknown error that causes black screen and restart in Samsung Galaxy S series including the Galaxy S20.

Many Samsung users shared their problems on Weibo, Chinese social media platform and some of them are facing major reboot problems. Moreover, not only old devices are affected by the problem.

Samsung s20 black screen problem

The affected devices include Samsung S8/S9/ S10 and even S20 models. The screen lock problem is thought to be caused by the lunar calendar. For now, it is recommended to turn off automatic updating, set the date to another date, turn off automatic updates and wait for official repair instructions from the company.

According to the claims in some blog posts, the reason for the crashes is that the old version of the screen lock application. This app causes an error in April of the Chinese calendar. Some users claim that they experienced errors and crashes on their Samsung phones.

Of course, the reason for these problems is currently unknown. If you have started to experience such a problem on your Samsung device, our suggestions are as follows…


How to fix black screen problem on Samsung Galaxy phones?

There are two solutions to the black screen problem on Samsung Galaxy phones including S20 for now.

Solution 1

  • Turn off automatic updates (turn off “automatic download over WLAN”
  • Back up phone data
  • Change reboot entry on desktop to May 1

Solution 2

  • Restart the phone
  • Press the power key twice to turn on the camera
  • Open the camera settings in the upper left corner
  • Pull down the notification bar to enter settings
  • Find the lock screen, click it and click ‘about screen lock’, then update


samsung statement

In the statement made by Samsung Galaxy ‘s official Weibo account, it was stated that they received the feedback on the system problems, the cause of the error was investigated and a suitable solution will be offered as soon as possible.

What’s the Difference Between iPhone X High Copy LCD VS Original OLED?


lcd vs oled

LCD screens like those used in previous iPhones and the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are built on a backlight—a panel as large as the screen itself that produces a constant white light anytime the screen is on. A series of polarizers and filters are layered in front of the backlight to control the light and produce the image you see on screen. It’s been the dominant technology used in flat-panel displays for almost two decades, but keeping that backlight on draws a lot of power—and that’s a big disadvantage in a portable device.

An OLED does away with the backlight completely. Each individual pixel has a tiny amount of organic material that fluoresces when current flows, so the pixels produce light directly. It’s also possible to control brightness at a per-pixel level.


iPhone X LCD VS OLED-1

1. Comparing the appearance

Comparing from the front, there is no obvious difference between high copy and OEM screen.
In terms of visual effects, high copy screen display area will be obvious green than OEM screen,
And you can easily see the “fringe”.


Comparing from the back, there’s still a big difference.

First is color difference between the camera lens coating.
Second is liquid crystal drive ic, high copy is smaller than OEM.
The last is high copy screen doesn’t have four connector contacts, which may have an impact on the signal.

iPhone X Back difference-2

2. Comparing the thickness

The high copy screen looks thicker than the OEM which will have an impact on the appearance after installation.
Through measuring, we can find that the high copy screen is about 0.6mm thicker than OEM screen. After installation, the high copy screen are thicker than OEM one too.

thickness difference-1

3. Testing brightness

OEM screen has high brightness and uniform display, while high copy screen has dark display, on the white screen interface, there are clear shadows under the edge of the corner.

brightness difference-1

4. Testing screen display color

The backlight of high copy lcd is obviously uneven and shadows appear along the edge of the screen, while OEM screen won’t.

Display color difference-1

Fortunately, 3D touch and screen touch function work well.

3D Touch function-1

Comparison in material:

Material Original Screen High Copy Screen
LCD Panel OLED (General No Heat) TFT (Need Backlight)
Flex Cable IC Original Drive IC High Copy Flex Cable and IC
Glass lens Original High Hardness Corning Glass Ordinary Glass material, Poor Hardness.
Frame Original High Copy and Rough workmanship
Backlight NO Yes, Backlight works with a lot of heat.

Taken altogether, Let’s make a contrast in function:

1.Before light up the screen, the high copy screen has obvious boundaries between display and non-display area.

2.After light up the screen, high copy screen has dark display and color distortion, The edge of the display area will have varying degrees of brightness difference.

3. When you start using it, Screen Touch and 3D Touch function work well, but the high copy screen is getting hot and touch sensitivity declines. If you are playing games just right, you will crazy.

4. As high copy LCD needs backlight, so the power consumption is faster.

5. In terms of handfeel, high copy screen is poor than original owing to screen thickness. It is more easy to appear white spots.

These conclusions are all from our testing, if you have any other different views,please comment below or contact us directly: sales@futuresupplier.com.

iPhone 8/8P/X Light Sensor function is OK After Repaired

Recently, we have got feedback from many third-party repair shops that Apple Kills Light Sensor and Face ID Function of iPhone 8/8P/X Repaired by them, some iPhone 8 series and iPhone X have got ‘ambient light sensor not working issue’ after repairing.

Face ID Light sensor Not WorkFrom the research and analysis from REWA LAB, we found that Apple may have set up some technical barriers for repairing intentionally to prevent customers from resorting to third-party repair.

Light Sensor Not Work

To further analyze and verify the problem, REWA LAB continues the research by restoring the phone (rewriting of underlying data on the phone) and see how it works, but the ambient light sensor still cannot work. The final results are as follows: Test Result

Based on these tests, it can be confirmed that in the absence of ID code matching mechanism, even though the whole repairing process goes with OEM display or cable on iPhone 8/X, third-party repair can also cause ambient light sensor not working issue.

Judging by this, Recore finds new way to repair iPhone 8/8 Plus/X, fortunately the result shows Light Sensor and Face ID Function are OK after repaired.

iphone x works well

If you are struggling with this problem, come to find us (sales@futuresupplier.com) and we can help you!

(Note: Some of these data are referenced in REWA)

Mysterious GrayKey – iPhone Unlocking Box

According to MacRumors’s report, news of a previously-unknown iPhone unlocking device called GrayKey surfaced, and today, MalwareBytes shared photos and additional information about the product, which is designed for law enforcement officials.

It is said that GrayKey is a small, portable gray box equipped with dual Lightning cables. Created by a company named Grayshift.


Two iPhones can be connected to the GrayKey at once, and need to be connected for about two minutes to install proprietary software that’s designed to guess the passcode for an iPhone. Once the software is installed, it will work to crack the passcode, a process that can take as little as a few hours for a short passcode or several days for a longer six-digit passcode.

graykey pass

Once the GrayKey software has cracked the passcode, it’ll be displayed right on the screen of the iPhone. The iPhone can then be plugged back into the GrayKey to download all of the data on the iPhone, including the unencrypted contents of the Keychain, which can then be accessed using a computer.

graykey ios

Based on screenshots, the GrayKey can crack modern iPhones running modern versions of iOS. It works with the iPhone X and iOS 11.2.5, the version of iOS that was likely available when the screenshots were captured. It probably also works with iOS 11.2.6, unless Apple has managed to block it in the latest operating system update.

graykey iphone x

Grayshift presumably designed the GrayKey for law enforcement professionals, and it’s relatively expensive. A $15,000 option requires internet connectivity and is geofenced to a specific location once set up, while a $30,000 option requires no internet connection and can be used anywhere.

MalwareBytes worries that the portable version of the GrayKey could easily fall into the wrong hands. It uses two-factor authentication, but given that people “often write passwords on stickies and put them on their monitors,” it’s possible the token could be kept in the same location as the device.

How the GrayKey works is not known, but it’s believed to be using some sort of jailbreaking process that could damage iPhones in some way. It’s also not known how the GrayKey device itself is protecting data that’s stored on it, and whether or not the data could be remotely accessed by hackers.

Apple is continually working to fix the kinds of exploits used by devices like the GrayKey, so it’s possible whatever mechanism the box uses will be fixed in a future update. The average iPhone owner likely doesn’t need to worry about the GrayKey, but as MalwareBytes points out, it is troublesome knowing such a device could fall into the hands of malicious entities.

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