What to Do If the Middle Frame of Your Samsung Phone is Cracked?

Samsung Note 10 get cracked

“How much is the replacing cost of Galaxy Note 10+ Middle Frame that holds the display and back glass ?  As middle frame of my device got cracks all over and it is out of warranty. ” These are the questions we have received from our customers.

Cleaning Room Pic 1

As we have refurbishment business, which includes middle frame refurbishment, so we can provide customers with more choices. Especially for those original quality are out of stock or older models.


Today we will introduce the basic process of Samsung middle frame refurbishment. Models that can be refurbished are as follows : Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/S8/S9/S10/S20/S21/S22, Note 5/Note 8/Note 9/Note 10/Note 20.

samsung frames

First, we need to pick out minor bruises, scratches and crushes frames from the old ones.

minor bruises, scratches and crushes

Second, after removing the residual glue and accessories on it with potion, we will grinding -polishing and re-oxidation.

frame refurbishing process

Third, according to the customer’s quality standards, we will select qualified ones, and then re-paste the accessories and install the side buttons.

Refurbished frames

Finally, Re-check the product and accessories, and do the installation test, if everything is ok, packaged and shipped.

Advantages: cheap price, stable function, the same color as the original, no problem in installation.

Refurbished front frame jpg

Disadvantages: Holes (such as microphone holes and SIM card trays) are prone to deformation.

holes prone to deformation

If you are experiencing this situation or have any other questions, you are welcome to discuss with us.

What You Need to Know About Curved Glass with OCA


There is a chance that one day you will break your phone screen. They are glass – very fragile – and we carry them in our pockets or bags every day, even in our hands. No matter how careful you are, your phone will be bumped, crushed and dropped. If you broke your Samsung edge screen, you’ll want to fix it. Here’s what you need to know about repairing or replacing your screen.


On most smartphones, there’s a front screen that protects and enhances the LCD screen below. The LCD screen is the more important of the two and provides all the display features along with the touch interface that is vital for a smartphone to function.


It would be better for the front screen to be damaged, than for the damage to extend into the LCD screen. However, you should fix your front screen as soon as you can. If your front screen is damaged, you still run the risk of compromising the LCD screen, because the front screen offers less protection if it is cracked or shattered.

s10+ front screen with oca

If you need to replace the front screen, a good curved front glass with OCA will save a lot of time and money. That’s what we’re going to focus on today – Curved Front Glass with OCA.

A good front glass with OCA has those basic characteristics:

1.Colorless and transparent;

2. Curing and small shrinkage;

3. The light transmittance is above 90%;

4. The glue and front cover have a good fit;

5. Can be used normally under the condition of 30-40 degrees.

S10+ Details

Take a look at our front cover materials: the original process 1:1 front glass, the hole position is precise, and the assembly is seamless.

And OCA adopts a new generation of 125UM dry glue, it has smooth tearing film, standard size, super toughness, no bubbles, easy defoaming, no yellowing and wrinkle resistance.

Some parameters you need to know:

1. Laminate front glass and OCA  2-1. Defoaming then UV 2-2. UV then Defoaming
Temperature: 50/60 degrees Temperature: 50/60 degrees Temperature: 70/80 degrees
Pressure: 5/6 pressure Pressure: 6/7 pressure Pressure: 6/7 pressure
Vacuum time: 36 seconds Defoaming time: 30 minutes Defoaming time: 30 minutes
Compress time: 32 seconds UV time: 20/35 minutes UV time: 20/35 minutes
3. Laminate LCD Screen 4. LCD Defoaming 5. UV curing using LEDs
Temperature: 50/60 degrees Temperature: 70/80 degrees Power: 2500-3500mJ/c㎡
Pressure: 3/4 pressure Pressure: 6/7 pressure Wavelength: 365nm
Vacuum time: 36 seconds Defoaming time: 30/60 minutes
Compress time: 22 seconds LCD UV: 10/20 minutes


For the repair shop, only need equipped with a laminating machine,you can complete this operation, but for refurbishment factory, larger specialized equipment is required. If you are interested, please leave your message, we are very happy to discuss together.

No SIM Card or Invalid SIM Error on Your iPhone 13?


Is your iPhone 13 not detecting the SIM card?

SIM is the soul of any smartphone and your iPhone 13 is not an exception. Without a working SIM, you cannot place calls, or browse the internet using cellular data unless you have access to Wi-Fi. So if you’ve recently purchased one of the four models of iPhone 13 from Apple’s store or any online store, you need to make sure that SIM cards work with it.

According to incomplete statistics, the users who reported bugs are mainly those who use the CDMA network standard, and the users who use the iPhone 13 are more concentrated.


If you are here, chances are that your iPhone 13 is not detecting the SIM card. Don’t worry, you’re at the right place. Let’s take a look at the possible solutions that can fix the iPhone 13 is not detecting the SIM card issue.

1. Make sure to update the carrier settings

Let’s see how:

Head to the Settings App on your iPhone 13.
Now go to General section > About.

iPhone 13 Software update

If any updates will be available here, just tap the install button.

2. Reset Your Network Settings

To do this, go to Settings > General > Transfer or reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings. When prompted, enter your iPhone’s passcode, then tap Reset Network Settings again to confirm.

Reset Network Setting

3. To restart your iPhone:

Press and hold both the Volume Down and right Side buttons until you see the Power Off slider. Then drag the slider, wait for your iPhone to shut down, and turn your iPhone back on.


Another problem is why iPhone 13 camera is flickering while opening it in a Slow-motion mode? 

iphone 13 flickering

When many users use iPhone slow motion recording and shooting indoors, they will find that the process of shooting slow motion movies with iPhone is normal, but flashing black screens appear when browsing slow motion movies, and many iPhone users mistakenly believe that the camera lens is broken. this is actually a normal phenomenon.

If you are filming indoors with LED bulbs and even incandescent bulbs, you will get flicker. Depending on where you live in the world, AC current is either 50 or 60 hertz and you are slowing that frequency way down to a visible flicker when using slow motion.

How to avoid iPhone flickering in slow motion
If you want to avoid iPhone flickering in slow motion video recording, there are also ways to avoid it. You can try the following methods:

1. It is recommended to go outdoors during the day and use the sun to shoot slow motion
2. Use LED T8 lighting for indoor tubes, or set up auxiliary lighting
3. Adjust the recording slow motion format to “1080p HD/120 fps” (Settings> Camera> Record Slow Motion)
4. Switch to general recording mode

iPhone 13 camera flickering

The above is our sharing of iPhone 13. If you have other questions or have different opinions, you can leave a message to discuss with us.



Fix iPhone X Face ID True Tone Issues by JC V1SE Receiver FPC Board

For iPhone X and later models, the most annoying problems are iPhone Face ID and true tone issues. Fortunately, now we have the tools to solve these issues. The JCID factory has released new tools (JC V1SE receiver FPC test board and JC ear speaker sensor flex cable) to solve iPhone Face ID and true tone problems.

Face id not work

Please check following steps before repairing:

1. Upgrade the JC V1SE systems to 3.2 versions or above.
2. Update the USB drive to 2.0 versions or above.
3. Install the driver for new JC V1SE.
4. Jailbreak the iPhone by JC J-BOX jailbreak tool.

Step 1: Jailbreak the iPhone

We need to jailbreak the iPhone before we can use the JC V1SE FPC detection board to repair an iPhone without the original iPhone earpiece speaker sensor flex cable.

We can use the JCID J-BOX Jailbreak programmer to jailbreak the iPhone X.

JC Jailbreak Box

Step 2: Turn on the JC V1SE

Buckle the JC V1SE receiver FPC Test board to the JC V1SE Host, power the JC V1SE via the data cable, and the V1SE will turn on automatically.

V1SE Programmer

Step 3: Detect the JC V1SE ear speaker sensor flex cable

Install the JC V1SE ear speaker sensor flex cable onto the receiver test board, then click “detect” to check that the flex cable model and activation status are correct.

V1SE VS Earspeaker flex

V1SE Connect

Step 4: Repair Ear speaker sensor flex cable(receiver FPC cable)

Connect the jailbroken iPhone X and JC V1SE via iPhone lightning cable, the iPhone X and JC ear speaker flex cable require JC V1SE to complete the model match and repair the ear speaker sensor flex cable.

V1S Connect with iphone x

After connecting, it starts to read the iPhone information, display the iPhone information and jailbreak status on the JC V1SE screen.

Click “trust” on the iPhone and click “activate” on the JC V1SE, it shows the flex cable activated successfully, the ear speaker sensor flex cable repaired well.

Deactivation FPC

Step 5: Install and Test the JC Receiver FPC

Install the repaired JC ear speaker sensor flex cable on the iPhone X, and then power on the iPhone X to test. The iPhone X Face ID and true tone functions are now available and working properly.

install the repair receiver FPC TO iPhone X

True tone repaired

Face ID Repaired

The following tools are required:

1. iPhone lightning cable
2. JC V1SE
3. JC Receiver FPC Test Board
4. JC V1SE ear speaker flex cable
5. LCD opening tools

JC Earspeaker flex cable

How to Avoid Pressure Spots on iPhone 11 Screen?

iPhone 11

One of the deadliest and most frustrating issues you could have with your mobile phone is screen damages. And for pressure spots on LCD screens, it’s somewhat annoying than breaking the whole screen itself, as it requires going for replacement in most cases.


What is a pressure spot? What types of pressure spots are there?
As its name implies, pressure spots on phone screens can render the display useless (or irritating, based on how you see it) by creating spots of different shapes and styles on the screen. These spots show continually, and most times, permanently on the display and can obstruct your viewing or cause other problems such as dead pixels, flickering, or blurriness.

When you apply too much pressure on your phone’s display – whether accidentally, intentionally, or carelessly, it damaged the LCD components, hence creating different spots on the display.

Pressure spots on LCD screens can come in different forms and shapes depending on the density of pressure applied. Sometimes, the spots can be whitish, deep black, or come in various colors depending on what’s currently showing on the screen.

pressure spots

How to fix pressure spots on LCD screen

Unfortunately, learning how to fix pressure spots on LCD screens isn’t the same as learning how to fix simple hardware and software issues. Simply put, there is no way to repair a phone screen that was damaged by pressure.

Attempting to get rid of pressure spots on LCD screens can cause more harm than good. Hence, you had better find a professional phone repairer to help you with screen replacement.

Pay attention, In the process of replacing the screen, pressure spots are also prone to occur. Let’s take iPhone 11 as an example.

After we installed an iPhone 11 screen on the phone, below pressure spot may appear on the top of the screen.
It often caused by the backlight been pressed.

Then, how can we avoid this issue?
1. Make sure the screen is not too thick. After installed the metal plate, the thickness of the screen should be less than 2.70mm.


2. Keep the ear speaker and screws installed in place. Not protruding, otherwise it will easily press the backlight.

ear speaker

3. The back camera should be assembled in place (especially not to press the front camera flex cable)

back camera

Now, if you’ve accidentally applied much pressure on your phone’s screen and some spots are showing on it when you turn it on, the best thing you can do is to visit the official service provider for a screen replacement. And if you want to fix it yourself, we provide professional LCD screens and technical guidance.

Are iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Spare Parts the Same?


If you’ve already got yourself the new iPhone 12 Pro then I think you will be curious, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 are the same size, the specifications are very similar, whether spare parts are also available?

We can see from the picture below that the difference in parameters is very small.

iphone12 specifications

In terms of spare parts, which ones are universal and which ones are not?

Here, we have compiled a list of spare parts that you might need.

Spare parts list

First, Let’s take a look at the front camera. iPhone 12 and 12 Pro is the same.

iPhone 12 front camera


iPhone 12 and 12 Pro charging port flex cable is universal, but the connector has color distinction.

iPhone 12 charging port

While iPhone 12 back camera is not compatible with iPhone 12 Pro.

iphone-12-vs-iphone-12-pro-main Camera

And iPhone 12 fashlight flex cable is not compatible with the iPhone 12 Pro.

iphone-12-vs-iphone-12-pro flashlight flex cable

The iPhone 12 Bluetooth Antenna flex cable is not compatible with the iPhone 12 Pro.

iphone-12-vs-iphone-12-pro-bluetooth antenna flex cable

The iPhone 12 back housing is not compatible with the iPhone 12 Pro.

iPhone 12 12 Pro Back housing


The remaining spare parts in the list are universal.

iphone 12 spare parts


The above is our analysis of the versatility of the iPhone 12 and 12 pro, if you have any needs, please place an order directly on our website. This is site link:  https://www.futuresupplier.com/for-iphone-12-6-1-inches.html


What You Need to Know When Replacing Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+ OLED Screen Assembly

samsung S21

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series represents the latest and greatest in non-foldable phones from the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer.


It 6.2 inches (87.2% screen-to-body ratio) display features a dynamic AMOLED 2x screen that has corning gorilla glass. The benefit of the gorilla glass is that it can survive even after falling on hard surfaces from 1 meter or high without breaking the screen.

Confused old man looking at cellphone, new technology complicated for elderly

But the weather is unpredictable, when your samsung S21 OLED screen is accidentally broken, you still have to replace it with a new one.

Recently we received feedback from different customers, saying that after changing to a new screen, there was a problem of incompatibility.

Is this a problem with the OLED screen? Obviously, the answer is No.  Through the research and testing of our technicians, we found the problem.

We found that the front camera and the signal antenna are differentiated by version. But Samsung S21/S21+ series is universal. How to distinguish it?

First of all, we can distinguish from the appearance, As for front camera, “ULL” is the European version, “USQ” is the US version, if the version is wrong, the camera will not work.

Samsung s21 front camera

Then, Let’s see how to distinguish signal lines, “G991U/G996U” is the US version, “G991B/G996B” is the European version. If the signal cable version is wrong, it will affect the phone signal which may cause trouble to your use.

Samsung S21 Signal antenna cable

What you need to be aware of is that signal antenna fasten screw is triangle screw, a triangular screwdriver is required for operation.

triangle screw

Written at the end, when you need to buy a new Samsung S21 OLED assembly, you must first determine whether your mobile phone belongs to the US version or the European version, and then determine the corresponding spare parts, so that there will be no incompatibility problem after the replacement is completed.

If you have any more questions, please contact us: sales@futuresupplier.com.

How to Remove the Non-Genuine Battery Warning From iPhone XS to iPhone 13

Apple has encrypted the battery of iPhone XS and models above. Once you replace the battery, you will get the “Important Battery Message” and “Service” message. This makes our iPhone users feel bothered and annoyed.

iphone important battery message

To solve the problem, the latest solution has been verified. Today we will share solutions concerning iPhone XS and above models.

First of all, we will introduce the structure of the battery. The battery can be roughly divided into two parts – BMS board and battery cell. The original battery data is stored on the BMS board, it is connected with the battery flex cable. We need to replace the new battery BMS with the original one so that we can erase the warning.

structure of the battery.

Here is the detailed steps for replacing the BMS board.

First, Tear off the original battery bottom cover tape, separate and take out the BMS board.

Tear off the original battery bottom cover tape

Second, Disconnect the cathode and anode of the battery with a pair of scissors respectively.

second,Disconnect the cathode and anode of the battery with a pair of scissors

Third, After cutting, clean the remaining iron pieces on the BMS board, and polish the solder joints with sandpaper. Please do not break the flex cable.

Third, cleaning

Fourth, Clamp the new battery core and the flex cable on the aligning mold, the iron sheet of the new battery core is clamped in the middle of the iron sheet of the BMS board, and weld it with a special electric welding machine.

Fourth Clamp the new battery core and the flex cable on the aligning moldFourth weld it with a special electric welding machine.

The last step, after soldering, install the BMS board. apply the protection tape.

The last, apply the protection tape

After completing the above steps, install the battery and reassemble the iPhone, non-genuine battery warning disappear.


For more details, you can refer to our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BksOOuCvjKU

What’s more, if you want to change the cycle count of the new battery, connect the battery to the specialized programmer(iPhone XS and iPhone 11/12 series are different). Battery data on the BMS board can be seen. Recalibrate the cycle times and battery efficiency can be done.

The final suggestion is that if you are not familiar with iPhone repair, please do not try the above steps. The whole process requires special machinery and equipment, especially professional technical craftsmanship.

Can iOS 15.2 RC Solve iPhone 11/12 Series Non-Genuine Screen Warning?

iOS15.2 RC Version

Apple today seeded the RC versions of upcoming iOS and iPadOS 15.2 updates to developers for testing purposes, less than a week after seeding the fourth betas and six weeks after the launch of iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1.

Future Supplier has download the latest iOS 15.2 RC version, and tested whether the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series have pop-up problem after replacing the original and domestic LCDs.

iPhone 11 non-original display

The result was a bit beyond our expectations. The first time, we updated iPhone 11 Pro to the latest iOS 15.2 RC version. Both original and domestic LCDs will have “Important Display Message” pop-up prompts after the first restart. But there will be no such prompt when restarting again. Unfortunately you can see the prompts in your phone “Settings- General – About”, it will always shows “Display – Unknown Part”.

iPhone 11 pro pop up

Then we upgraded the iPhone 11 pro max and iPhone 12 series to the latest version, the result is the same.

iphone 11 pro max pop up

The official version of iOS 15.2 is expected to be launched on December 15th. We will continue to monitor further test results.

How Do I Know My iPhone Charging Port is Damaged?

iPhone 11 charging port

iPhone charging issues are common in even newly purchased phones. But, believe it or not, most of these occurrences do not necessarily need to be a substantial hardware issue; many charger port issues come from day-to-day activities.

The most common causes of phone charging ports damage are:

1. Humidity
If your phone gets wet or you keep it in the environment with a high humidity level, the charging port can be damaged by corrosion.
2. Dirt
Dust, debris, and dirt will block the contacts and prevent the port from working properly. Unless the piece of debris is big enough to cause serious damage, the problem can be solved by simple cleaning.
3. Mechanical damage
This is the most common reason for this kind of issue. It’s impossible to avoid this type of damage because it occurs every time you connect and remove the charging cord. The best thing you can do to prevent this problem is to move very carefully every time you need to charge the phone.


Don’t get too worried as even a seriously damaged charging port can be replaced.

So how to choose a suitable charging port for your iPhone? This is what we are going to analyze in detail today. Let’s take iPhone 11 as an example.

The quality on the market is mainly divided into the following categories:

1. 100% original new;

2. Original disassemble;

3. OEM refurbished

4. High Copy.

Next, we will analyze and compare one by one.

First is 100% original new quality.

As we all know, original quality works well and with good appearance, but unstable supply and high price are also the reality we have to face. Suitable for customers who have high requirements for quality and appearance.

Original new

Second is original disassemble quality.

It is not so beautiful in appearance and accessories need to be posted. But stable function and cheaper price than original new quality. Suitable for customers who have high requirements for quality but low in appearance.

oem disassemble

Third is OEM refurbished (original flex cable, ic components are soldered up).

Its main advantage is its low price, function and appearance are ok. But many components are post-soldered, the welding process is worse than the original one. What’s more, some may not be able to pass the RF test. Suitable for customers who have requirements for functions but not high requirements for signals.

oem refurbished

The last is high copy quality.

From the appearance, the IC is different from original, and the logo is not Apple but from a third-party manufacturer. The function is not stable and RF can not pass testing. Of course, the price is lower than other qualities. Suitable for low-end refurbished customers who only require normal functions and do not require signals.

high copy

Which quality to choose? Of course, your decision depends not only on the value, but also how long you intend to keep your iPhone. If you plan to hold on to it for a few more years, it’s cheaper to repair the charging port than to buy a new iPhone.

Any more questions, please contact us: sales@futuresupplier.com.