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The iPhone 6S Plus rear housing has been leaked, Small internal changes and stronger body

We have some exciting news! We just got our hands on the unreleased iPhone 6S Plus’ rear housing! Let’s take a look at what changes Apple has made since the previous iPhone 6 Plus. When you first see this iPhone 6S Plus rear housing, you may confuse it with the iPhone 6 Plus rear housing. These two housings look almost the same. But if you take a closer look at them, you will see the differences.

The biggest changes are those two screw holes positioned as shown in the picture below. On the left is the iPhone 6S plus rear housing with the screw hole, used to hold the loud speaker module, is slightly higher than iPhone 6 Plus’s, indicates that the loud speaker module is different.


Our source has told us that though the color of the gold 6S Plus rear housing is the same as the iPhone 6 Plus, the material used to make the rear housing is different. “The iPhone 6 Plus’ rear housing feels smother than the iPhone 6S Plus, while the 6S Plus’ rear housing is stronger.” Apple may finally improve the quality of iPhone 6S body to avoid another “Bend Gate”.


More pictures:

6s-plus-rear-housing-1 6s-plus-rear-housing-2 6s-plus-rear-housing-3 6s-plus-rear-housing-4 6s-plus-rear-housing-5 6s-plus-rear-housing-6 6s-plus-rear-housing-7 6s-plus-rear-housing-8

We will have more info on the iPhone 6S Plus’ rear housing in the near future, so stay tuned!