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What to do When Galaxy S7 Edge’s Water-Resistance Can NOT Work

Since Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge launched in Feb. 2016, it has become such a hit around the world, especially the function of water-resistance. Samsung official website says S7 Edge achieves IP68 level Water-resistance and dustproof under 1.5 meters (5 feet) of no flow water for 30 minutes.

s7waterThis Water-resistance function is only for brand new S7 Edge, Do not include reclaimed ones.


Yesterday we received an email from one of our customers, confused by the blank screen when he took a dip and the phone fell into the bathtub. Unfortunately his S7 Edge is reclaimed, water-resistance can not work. We told him the solution and sharing it with everyone.

First you need a set of disassembling tool, drying the battery door with a blower until the temperature reach to 45℃~50℃(1521℉~1690℉), then you can separate battery door. The battery door is made of glass, not easy to cause deformation, but the force must be uniform, otherwise may cause broken. The other thing you need to consider is that: Take apart the phone is necessary, or the drop of water will stay in the machine and influence the normal using.


Second, dismantle the screws of battery door, that is easy but not all, we need disconnect Antenna and NFC Chip in case of permeation of vapor. We need to be careful as the material of NFC Chip is electric coil and graphite, if it is crooked, the sensor function of NFC Chip will be effected.

dismantle the screws of battery door

Third, remove the battery carefully and pull down the lines connected to the motherboard which are the main reason for blank screen.

Pay attention: the motherboard is not need to disassemble for the ventilator and the hot wind can blow in.

Then blowing hot wind around the motherboard for 5 minutes, next placing 1 minute, after that blowing cool wind for 3 minutes. That is just one process, to ensure your phone can power on, you’d better blow the motherboard above 20 minutes.

s7 edge remove battery

Finally, Connect LCD Flex Ribbon, Insert Battery and Test Starting Up. If everything is ok, you can test other parts, such as camera, WiFi, call, loud speaker, ear speaker and buttons, to ensure whether each part functions well.

Galaxy s7 edge

During the processing, easily damaged part is the LCD Flex Ribbon, one for flex cable loss, other is flex ribbon loose with stripe which not means bad. The most easily damaged is LCD Screen, you must be careful and patient during the repair. If you are interested in repairing phones and facing with problems, please contact us

power on s7 edge

iPhone 7 Rumors Make you Replace your Galaxy S7 Edge?

iPhone SE was just released in March 2016. Now the Apple fans are waiting for iPhone 7 in this September. Rumors about the new model make iPhone 7 mysterious and enigmatic.

  1. Thinner body

In order to get a thinner body, the engineers have to give up on some internal electronic components to make space for the others. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus batteries are forced to get tinier in order to make room for 3D touch, though Apple managed to make the battery lasting time as the same the before.  But FutureSupplier thinks it not worth to seek smaller size by the sacrifice of battery capacity.

iPhone 7 thinner body

  1. Dual Camera lens

With the newest dual camera on iPhone 7, the picture quality is as good as a DSLR camera. Dual the normal image quality of iPhone 6 (8-magapixel iSight camera with 1.5µ pixels), Apple is striving to improve an aggressive progress on camera.

John Gruber, who once correctly predicted new iPhone designs for the older model, exposed in a show that Apple is busy with updating camera performance for iPhone 7 and the coming step would be the biggest camera jump ever.

Besides, John Gruber also mentioned that Apple plans to build a two-lens system for iPhone 7 though he does not have a clear idea of what the camera would look like, in order to align its image quality to a DSLR camera.

Sony just released a new sensor named Exmor RS IMX230 and its camera can reach 21-megapixel (HDR and 30fps 4K video shooting supported). 192 automatic focusing is available. Maybe it will be applied to iPhone 7 ?


  1. Soft screen

We’ve been cautious enough for our iPhones as the screen is too gentle to be cracked once it’s dropped on the floor, but we will never worry about for iPhone 7 because the LCD screen is soft and tender. Nowadays the concept of tender screen has been built in smartphone areas in all aspects. It’s not strange that iPhone 7 may also have this feature.

iPhone 7 soft screen

  1. Missing 3.5mm earphone socket

Why Apple still keeps the 3.5mm for iPhone 6 is because 3.5mm is the international standard size though Apple could have removed it in the beginning for a thinner body. Maybe Apple will cancel the 3.5mm socket and use the Lightning hole for the use of earphone. But the problem is that people will find it difficult to borrow earphones from their friends if they forget to take iPhone 7 earphones with them.

iphone 7 without 3.5mm earphone jack

  1. Wireless charging

Though wireless charging function is blank in Apple history, it does not mean they are not interested in. In this week, the WattUp technique can realize sensor charging for iPhone 7, which means that your iPhone 7 can be charged anywhere in your office within 15 feet. Maybe the new function will be used for iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 wireless charging

  1. Flexible display

Some media agent issued a concept video of iPhone 7 that the lcd screen can be extended out to make it a tablet.  Will this really happen on iPhone 7?  Let’s wait and see.




4 Things You Must Know About Customized for iPhone 6 Series Rear Housing

The iPhone 6 Series Rear Housing’s Customized Service comes online, Wonderful Surprises worth waiting for. FutureSupplier customized the rear housing without any logo, what ever patent needs respect all the time. This special service is geared to the needs of different groups, you can order the rear cover without any logo independently in our website,  customized unique logo or words is our feature. We have powerful team and professional technique, and we’d love the change to make you happy!

Customized means carving the Words & Phrases or Logo  you like on your back housingdecorating your cover with charming elements, printing special symbol for your accessories and Join Service. Any idea you propose, we can do it for you.

We have many specialties, from custom unique design to matching your iPhone. Basically, we offer all kinds of amazing stuff. It’s not just for shopping and ordering – it’s a playground! We Provides varies font for your words and phrases, you can choose the name of your lover, famous singer and writer, or favorite song, special film, meaningful book ,thoughtful words and motto, engrave the green day on your mind.

iPhone 6 rear housing

Attractive figure, pattern, design or logo, we can achieve too. vivid pictures are more impressive for memorizing. Funny patterns bring more joy to your life, No matter what your picture is, just supply it to us, our designer “print “ it on the cover(Note: Due to different patterns need corresponding mould, minimum order quality is different) .

iPhone 6 rear housing customized

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iPhone 6 accessories

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Yellow Tint Screen or More Issues of iPhone SE

iPhone SE Yellow screen issue

Since the first day of iPhone SE on sale, many user who pre-ordered reflect the issue of “Yellow Screen Door”. The users reflect the iPhone SE screen having somewhat of a yellow tint, which even more yellow than the previous iPhone 5S. We can see from the picture below provided by the users, part of the screen area on the iPhone SE are clear yellow, especially the four sides.

Yellow Screen

Some people guess the reason is the System of IOS 9.3 with the function of Night Shift which can protect the eyes of users. This reason seems right, but more explanations surfaced.

Typically, the reason why your brand iPhone SE screen has a yellow tint is because of the adhesive material used for the touchscreen digitizer. This adhesives can take some time to dry out properly, and until it does so it gives a slight yellow tint to the screen that can strike panic at the heart of new iPhone owners. Although yellow-ey displays are a recurring phenomenon, but many people can not stand so yellow.

Thankfully, this isn’t a permanent issue. Time, being the best healer there is, will solve this issue as the glue dries out. It can take a few days, or maybe a couple of weeks at max for the yellow tint to disappear. However, if your tint doesn’t go anywhere after this period of time, you are recommended to take your iPhone SE to your local Apple Store and ask for a replacement.

Other issues also exposed in front of us: The problem of Power Button and Volume Button. It is said the power button is slack and perfunctory, as well as the volume button is not easy to press and not convenient to adjust the volume, furthermore with big noise when you are in call. Those issues make the experience of iPhone SE worse than iPhone 6.

Questions also occurred in Vibrating Module, many users found that the New iPhone SE used the old Vibrating Module which is noisy, could not compare with iPhone 6 with the soft vibration. The vibration has affected the normal life and working.

All questions make the sales of iPhone SE embarrassing, the data display that iPhone SE create the lowest sales amount among the iPhone family. While sales will keep falling or not remains to be seen.

iPhone SE Yellow screen