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Why Many Cell Phones Still Work Though the Screen Cracks ?

Can your phone still work when its screen cracks?

We often see that many cell phones still work though the screen cracks, but some cell phones aren’t able to work once the digitizer touch screen springs a leak in spite of unharmed LCD screen. What happened? It is not only up to how serious the leak is, but the technology that screens applied.

cracked screens

In order to get the answers clearly, let’s get to know the technology of cell phone screen firstly. There are three types of technology solutions adopted to cell phone screens, OGS (One Glass Solution),In-Cell and On-cell.



OGS technology, simply speaking, by plating ITO( Indium Tin Oxide) inside of the protective glass, the touchscreen is combined with protective glass cover, the protective glass and touchscreen can’t be separated because both are integrated into a whole. Most of Chinese cell phone producers adopt OGS technology, we usually see some files saying TOL(Touch On Lens),actually TOL is the same idea with OGS(One Glass Solution).

OGSThe screen which adopt OGS solution, once the glass cracks, the touch function is lost too, in that protect glass and touchscreen is a whole. If your phone belongs to OGS technology, pay attention in daily life.

Falling screen

In-Cell and On-Cell is similar, under the both solutions, there is a protect glass on the top to protect touchscreen and LCD panel. 


The difference is that In-cell makes touchscreen built-in to LCD panel, actually touch sensor function is built-in to LCD panel, so the touchscreen and LCD become an integrated whole, which makes cell phone screen more thinner, like most of the iPhones;

capacitive-in-cell-touch-panels-600x498 iPhone-7

On-cell is that touchscreen is on the LCD panel, for example, some screens of Samsung cell phones and LG cell phones adopt On-Cell solution.

The screens adopting In-cell and On-cell solution will not lose touch function even if the glass cracks, because touchscreen is underneath the protective glass,of course, it is based on the flex cable doesn’t peel off.

Incell And On-cell

All in all, the screens adopt OGS are popular by Chinese manufacturers for the low cost, but the touch function is not secure, once there is a rip on the glass, you have to go to after-sale service for a new screen. In-cell and On-cell solution will not lose touch function easily even if the glass cracks. Whatever, any technology can’t compare with your carefulness, be kind to your phone, you need not worry about the situation any more.

screen protector

Different Refurbishment Modes: Huaqiangbei Pattern & Factory Pattern

Shenzhen Huaqiangbei, known as the 1st street of China electronics , where the main strength is to build mobile phone spare parts business, all kinds of electronic spare parts included, wholesale full mobile devices as well as refurbish and recycle full range of accessories. I’d like to introduce a special business called LCD refurbishment, and first let’s have a look at how the refurbishing industry being formed?

huaqiangbeiUnder the trend of global smart phones, major brands are having fierce competition. Brand phones’ replacement gets more quickly than ever, as Apple has shorten the time from 20 years to 0.16 years to launch new product. Trade-in service in most countries has been out of sight, it’s probably due to high cost of buying a new screen for maintenance, which lead to demands exceeds the supply. That’s why refurbishing industry came into being.


Pattern of refurbishing screens:
1: Huaqiangbei workshop pattern
2: Factory Refurbishment pattern

Huaqiangbei Workshop Pattern
Currently the way Huaqiangbei electronics market deals with refurbishment
may look so hot, how it really goes? Let’s have a detailed analysis for this mode.
There are all kind of counters to display refurbished lcds, large or small, for Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Sony, etc. in Huaqiangbei communications city-mall. This seems quite hot as it’s intended for the customers at home and abroad who has demands for refurbishment.

huaqiangbei market mallThese dealers are usually spending 5,000 RMB to 7,000 RMB, that depends, and only 2 to 3 staffs are getting started in their small refurbishing workshop. They are able to refurbish LCD products, but without a clean room for professional operation, a formal BOM, a detailed operating process for manufacturing and standard equipment. What’s more, they don’t even have very professional technicians for quality control, all depends on local sources in Huaqiangbei instead.


It is because of their limited professionalism that they may come with low quality parts , for example, iPhone refurbishment often comes with loose frame, frame and lcd are separated, bad backlight and bubbles, black spots and dust.


These are uncontrollable factors for them subject to their limited production line and working environment in favor of their low cost. They quote low price to attract customers, but product performance of stability is very low as they mainly use high copy products with low cost for refurbishing. When they are looking for large quantity for refurbishment, quality is certainly not guaranteed.


1.With mess environment, looks like a simple work booth without any guidance and standard for operating process.


2.Dust-free environment is Not up to standard and NO any anti-static measure.Clean roomjpg

3.The refurbishing Equipment is simple, outdated, inaccurate and can’t provide with quality parts.


4.Casual placing Finished Products


Factory Refurbishing Pattern

1. A complete production process.

production environment2. Thorough and strict quality standards.


3. Professional Product knowledge trainingtechnology training

4. 100 Class Clean environment.100 class clean room

5. Special staff for Specific jobsCleaning Room

6. Advanced and modern machinery and equipment.

Bubble Removing Machine LCD Cutting Machine

What You Don’t Know: Iris Scanner for iPhone 7 & Galaxy Note 6

According to the latest reports, the Galaxy Note 6 will likely features Iris Scanner, the same to iPhone 7.

Iris-Scanning What’s Iris Scanner Technology

Iris scanner is an automated method of biometric identification that uses mathematical pattern-recognition techniques on video images of one or both of the irises of an individual’s eyes, whose complex random patterns are unique, stable, and can be seen from some distance.

Iris scanner is the best of breed authentication process available today.

Stable – the unique pattern in the human iris is formed by 10 months of age, and remains unchanged throughout one’s lifetime

Unique – the probability of two rises producing the same code is nearly impossible

Flexible – iris recognition technology easily integrates into existing security systems or operates as a standalone

Reliable – a distinctive iris pattern is not susceptible to theft, loss or compromise

Non-Invasive – unlike retinal screening, iris recognition is non-contact and quick, offering unmatched accuracy when compared to any other security alternative, from distances as far as 3″ to 10″.


Iris scanner for Galaxy Note 6

We have been discussing Samsung’s potential to place an iris scanner in the Galaxy lineup since the Galaxy S5 in 2013. Every year, it seems that a rumor pops up about the inclusion of ocular-based identification technologies, and yet, nothing seems to come out. However, intel suggests that Samsung’s R&D department recently received a large shipment of “IRIS CAM (Parts for Samsung Mobile),” leading some in the industry to assume they must be for the Galaxy Note 6. While the addition of an iris scanner would be quite fancy, we won’t hold our breath.

galaxy-note-6-edgeThe Galaxy Note 6 may also offer new eye-scanning biometric security, based on some “strong hints,” SamMobile said. Specifically, Samsung was recently spotted shipping 200 iris camera modules to India for testing, according to a post on import data website. There’s no specific mention of the Note 6, but the flagship phablet seems like a prime candidate for this new high-tech feature.

note6psspotThe Galaxy Note 6 also rumored to pack a 5.8-inch Quad HD display, up to 6GB of RAM, and run Android N out of the box. It’s expected to have the same IP68 rating for water and dust resistance as the Galaxy S7.

galaxy note 6 ip68

Iris Scanner for iPhone 7

Many users find that iPhone 7 has an extra hole on the front top, except for camera and light sensor. It stands a good chance for Iris Scanner to increase security. We can image that take a look at the iPhone can realize payment directly which is more convenient than fingerprint recognition. As we all know, fingerprint has the situation of untidy and wet hands which influence usage. Anyway, your eyes won’t encounter the case. In addition, Iris scanner can not forge, ensure the security of our data.

iPhone 7Iris scanner has the same unique as fingerprint, what’s more, you can unlock Phone Book and Memo, withdrawal from your account, quick access APP. After all those functions realized, can you abandon the iPhone 7? In a word, Iris scanner is new trend, whether iPhone 7 or Galaxy Note 6 adopts, it will come about.

apple-iphone 7 iris scanner

Why We Choose High Quality Refurbishment Material

Now refurbishment is not fresh news, many repair shop owners have the idea of refurbishment, but are not sure how to realize it. They consider unknown problems during the process which lead to the embarrassing state that they can not make up their mind for refurbishment.Refurbishment deviceThe first thing to address is basic materials. When FutureSupplier first got into refurbishment, we thought technology and equipment were the main elements. After several years’ keep trying, we found that unqualified material result in rising fraction defective. Now we summarize the experience we have and the problems our customers have met, there are about following three points:

First, Front Frame installed warped:

If customer choose the cheap frame using general glue and rear housing, after installed them together, the tightness can not reach to the effect of 1:1. Within one month it will appear degumming condition, which may bring new complaint. However, only with high quality frame can not solve all the problems, the quality of glass is also important. If you have the matter of loose frame and excessive glue, you need think of the quality of glass and frame which may not fit perfectly.

Front Frame installed warpedFutureSupplier has professional refurbished factory in Dalas:full equipped and skilled workers. We can realize glass and frame pre-installed, without the problems mentioned above after quantity production.




Second, Material not clean with dust

This depends on basic material, mostly used material is Polarizer Film, Optical Clear Adhesive(OCA), LCD Backlight, Glass. Most of the Glass has gone towards TV screen, only offcut will be left which have many minor scratches and dust. A large part of cheap glass in market are from those offcuts, if you buy this glass for refurbishment, it will directly affect the vision of product and cause Complaint.

FutureSupplier has stable and specialized supplier, normative production process, the package is in good condition and securely stowed ensure the cleanliness of product. Professional equipment and high technology are our advantage.

futuresupplier 100 class clean room


Third. OCA joint with bubbles

The most common reason is NOT all OCA are whole piece model-cut, the cheap OCA in market are offcut model-cut, most of them have remaining dust. The question is you can NOT check the dust before you find the bubbles at the corner. Not only OCA is unqualified, also have damage to LCD. Other condition is without high accuracy cutting, if the OCA size can not fit well with glass and lcd, the bubbles will appear after installed together.

oca bubbles

FutureSupplier’s OCA is customized from specialized factory for model-cutting, the supply is stabilized and quality is superior. We have technical vacuum defoaming equipment, you need not worry about bubbles problems.



What’s more, we also consider acid-base property of OCA. If you never care for this aspect, the product stability can not control as for LCD flex ribbon may destroy by PH.

Pay attention: The cleanliness of OCA and Polarizer Film can’t be tested by eyes, only get through quantity production can find problems.

The problems mentioned above are about using inferior material for refurbishing LCD. Although you can save some money in terms of material, various Returns situation lower refurbishment yield and affect lcd cost.



We Futuresupplier chooses high quality material which get by mass production and factory authentication. We can find out solutions for the problems which can not judge from appearance and many hidden issues by mass producing. Material is the life of refurbishment, all we can do is choose high quality material.



These are the problems we have met and solved, if you are interested in refurbishment and start to do it, you can contact us for any technical matters.

You Never Know How Ancient Chinese Celebrate Birthday

FutureSupplier Shenzhen team is having a birthday party on April 28th for Andy, Emmy, Colin and Angel. Members who were born on the same month would have a birthday celebration together and every one of us would join in the party. We are a very young team with average age of 25, so each is labeled with vigor and passion. Wish the best of luck to Andy, Emmy, Colin and Angel.

happy  birthday_1

Cake and fruits

happy  birthday_fruits and cake


Our USA team in Dallas Texas also celebrates birthday in the same way. Pizza and soft drinks are a must for the party.

US Birthdy 2 US Birthdy 1

Nowadays eating cakes, lighting candles and making wishes becomes the most popular way for birthday celebration. This custom was introduced to China in 1970s from Western countries. But hundreds of years ago, the ancient Chinese have their own ways to celebrate the parties in totally different forms which will make you surprised.

  • Birthday Peach (About B.C. 200)

In Han dynasty, a man named SunBin left his hometown for a new city for the learning of military strategy and tactics.  One day after twelve years, he missed his mother at the very day of her birthday. Then he came back home to see her with a special birthday gift – a big peach. His mother was very glad and ate the peach happily.  Upon the peach is swallowed in her stomach, an amazing thing happened. Her 60-year-old gray hair turned black, dim eyes turned bright again, missing teeth recovered, and wrinkles on faces all disappeared. The peach made her young again!  Though this is just a fairy story, but in Chinese culture peach stands for kind wishes for staying young and living long and it then becomes a tradition to gift people peaches at their birthdays.

birthday peach

  • Birthday Noodles

In old times of China, people feed on grass, leaves or even a special eatable soil due to the war. It’s rare for people to have access to a good meal like Baozi, rice or noodles. So a decent food is a definitely a sweet gift for the people we love. In Ancient China, noodle is the longest food meaning something can long for a very long period. So on the day of one’s birthday, their family or friends will make noodles for him or her, with the wishes that he or she could live a long life with joy and happiness.

Happy birthday_noodles

  • Birthday Traditional Opera

For rich and noble people, their birthday looks as gorgeous as today’s birthday party. Their friends come to visit them with gifts or money (the real gold or cash) and spend the day eating and talking together. They usually prepare a large Chinese traditional opera in return as the appreciation.

chinese opera

With the increasingly development of Chinese economy, Chinese culture is getting more and more popular with westerns. Hundreds of Confucius Institutes are established all over the world for international people to learn Chinese language and culture locally. Sale team from FutureSupplier is doing business communication with customers from North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. We would like to share with you about our traditions and help you improve your Chinese if you are interested in.

culutre exchange

What You Do Not Know About Your Phone

Did you really know your phone: Feel hopeless when phone fell into water?

Run out of power when buying a new phone?

Worried about the charging issue when playing games?

Whether the phone can charge all night?

According to statistics, 19% of people have had the phone fell into the water, but most fall into the toilet! Then how would you do?

phone fall int0 toilet

And then? Forced rejection? Under the sun? With a hair dryer blowing? Dear! Do not save your “kidney”!

Now, to save thousands of “drowning kidney” artifact coming! It is – rice!

Yes, that everyone has, and everyone eat it.

How to rescue the phone? Just four steps! Take a look!

First: Salvage the phone quickly. Do not be distracted, with the fastest speed get it out of the water.

Second: Remove the battery (This step does not suit for iPhone). Do not press any key, and do not shut down, remove the battery directly.

Third: remove the water. Remember, do not use a hair dryer or stove to get next to bake, because the external heat can damage the phone’s internal precision electronic components. The correct approach is to use a clean towel to wipe quickly to ensure that water does not flow into the charging port, headphone jack and other holes.

Fourth: Drying. Place your phone in dry rice bags 24-36 hours, or even longer. It is simple and convenient, the emergency policy easiest operation.

If you iPhone has the experience, the steps are simpler, direct dry into the rice! Not surprisingly, after a night, your phone will be intact up!

save your phone with rice

When buy a new phone, many people habitually using battery until it automatic shutdown, then re-charged. In fact, it is no need to do that, now the mobile phone batteries are Li-ion batteries, the factory has been done before activation, as before, we do not want to activate the battery through the battery charge and discharge completely. Are they still using the previous method, it is superfluous, not only cannot play any help, even will damage the battery. In fact, mobile phones are now lithium batteries, the emphasis is on “frequent meals”, which can play a greater role in lithium batteries.

battery com

Someone think we should not charge the phone when calling or playing games, for fear of an explosion.

In fact, the cell phone lithium battery has a self-protection function, when the battery is short-circuited or excessive discharge, it will automatically cut off power, substantially no explosion.

The explosion is generally caused by using a non-original batteries, or the use of substandard quality of the battery, these are very low probability event, as long as the normal operation, no need to worry about the occurrence of these accidents explosion.

In general, the phone is charging, if the heat would be more severe, then do not call again, or play games, or the accident happened, it also poignant.

playing while charging

Another statement consider the phone cannot charge all night, so sometimes in the middle of the night to unplug the power, fear too long to charge the phone battery will cause damage. In fact, lithium batteries, and not everyone thought so fragile, when the battery is full, charging will automatically cut off power supply to avoid overload of charge, so do not worry about the damage caused by the cell phone battery, do not pull the power at the middle of night, sleep at ease now!

charging will automatically cut off power