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What is the Impact to Repair Shop If iPhone 7S Features OLED screen?

There are rumors that Apple is planning to equip its 2017 smartphones with OLED screen technology, despite previous speculation pointing to a 2018 switch from LCD.


According to the news from The Korean Herald, Samsung has signed a contract with Apple about supplying 100 million OLED screens in 2017. Another news revealing that LG has also added a product line for OLED screen, which will be put into production in early 2017. So in early 2017 or at the latest by 2018, we will see iPhone made of OLED screen.

iPhone 7S LCD

As for the influences to the mobile phone repair industry, let’s first take a look at the supply of the mobile phone repair parts market.

Take the most popular iPhone replacement screens for example, there’re 4 different types of sources;

1. The original replacement screen

The main sources for original LCD screen replacements are spare inventories from original manufacturers or defective parts from original assembly lines.

2. Refurbished LCD replacement screen

The majority of damaged screens are glass-only broken screens, while the LCD display and digitizer still work. To refurbish these screens with brand new glass replacements can make them back to life and market again.

3. Flex-assembled LCD replacement screen

Apart from the original LCD assembly replacements, some original spare or defective LCD displays are seeping into the market. And some small third-party manufacturers will purchase and turn them into final replacements by assembling with new glass lens, adhesives, digitizer frames, backlight films, LCD ICs etc.

4.OEM-Compliant LCD replacement screen

The OEM-complaint replacements showed up because of the imbalance between huge demands for replacements and few original stock in availability. Comparing with the original screens, OEM-complaint ones work but still need to be improved regarding the display effect and working stability.

iPhone 7 oem compliant lcd
Judge from the market demand, the original, refurbished and flex-assembled LCD screen, which uses the original LCD, are the most needed replacement in the market.

However, since last June, the original LCDs are more and more difficult to be obtained due to the strong control of original factories for the spare inventories and defective LCDs, which makes the original LCD price rises drastically and leads the repair shops and screen replacement suppliers into a dilemma. In order to meet the demands of these repair shops, the parts suppliers customized and ordered the LCDs from the Chinese factories, and assembled these China made LCD screens by third party manufacturers. Subject to cost competition, the repair shops have no choice but to purchase the China made LCD screen replacements instead.

In the long run, the price of original LCD screen will not decrease so much due to shortage of supply.

So what will it truly bring to repair shops when Apple starts using the OLED screen in iPhones?The OLED technologies, are basically monopolized by LG and Samsung while the LCD production technology are already quite mature in China (both in high, medium and low-level). Unfortunately the Chinese LCD screen manufacturers for the time being has no technical strength to produce the small size OLED screen replacements in bulk and high standards (Though TM and JDF’s OLED product lines are under construction and pre-production, there is still a long way to meet iPhone product’s standards). Besides, the 3D touch function of iPhone LCD screen assembly increases the technical difficulty of production. We have to admit that the China made OLED screen replacements can’t meet the demands of the market in short term.

iPhone 7 lcd

As for the third party repair shops, the refurbished LCD screen which comes from the glass-only broken LCD screen of customers, will be the major source of screen, and today is not the worst day for third party repair shops.

New Way to Refurbish Samsung S6 Edge/S7 Edge LCD Assembly

It is difficult and significant to refurbish S6 Edge/S7 Edge LCD digitizer assembly compared with S6 and S7 LCD, because the refurbishing technology and success rates are not mature and stable at present.

S6 Edge cracked screen

But we recently found a new way to increase product yield and the success rate for refurbishing S6/S7 Edge curved screen.

First of all, we need to know the difficulties to refurbish the curved display screen.

  1. Curved screen can not be directly operated at hot plate;
  2. After heating, cutting technique can not be used to separate LCD , or lcd leakage will appear;
  3. The cutting force is difficult to control which may result in LCD scrapped.

In consideration of those difficulties, we found new measures to refurbish the curved display screen, S6 Edge/S7 Edge. Six steps are needed as following:

1.Dismantle front housing: Put the lcd screen into the naphtha for 10 ~20 minutes. Use the card to separate the frame directed from the middle to the edge. Take good care of the flex cable in case of the damage in the process.

dismantle front housing

2. Dismantle Glass cover: Use a blade to open a small gap between the digitizer and glass, to make room for the card which will be used to separate the two in the freezer. Put the screen in the freezer for about 60 seconds. Then push the card into the gap. Please be aware that the lcd screen must be 100% attached to the sink bottom of the freezer, because only the bottom area can guarantee the lowest temperature of 140 degrees F. If the glass cover is broken, we need to start separating from the side where the glass damage is the smallest, and then to the rest gradually.

dismantle glass cover

3. Remove the excessive glue: We can use the # 833 glue to slowly remove it with the help of a plastic card. If the glue is very sticky and hard to be cleared, please cover a cleaning cloth with #833 glue onto the lcd to have the glue slowly dissolved.

Remove the excessive glue

4. Laminating OCA and New glass cover: Tear off the protective film and stick it to the other side of the OCA,This will make it more correctly to align the OCA to the glass. Place the front of the OCA to the same area on the glass, and laminate it with vacuum laminating machine for one minute.

laminating oca and glass lens

5. Laminating LCD and Glass Cover: Wash the LCD again with naphtha(if conditions allow, you’d better clean it at clean room to avoid dust and impurities), then laminate the lcd and glass cover with Vacuum laminating machine.

lamination is finished

6. Vacuum removing bubble: After laminating the lcd, a few small bubbles will still exist, using vacuum remove bubble machine for about 15 minutes, then you get the fully good lcd assembly.

bubble remover machine

From the above six-step, refurbishing the curved lcd is not so difficult as imaginary, if your refurbishing equipment is complete, just do as the instructions, refurbishing S6 Edge/S7 Edge LCD screen is not far away.

More details please refer to the video:


Can Your OEM-Compliant iPhone 5S LCD Be Used for iPhone SE?

Since  we received the newly released iPhone SE , we did a thorough study in which parts that the iPhone 5S and iPhone SE share in common. Not surprisingly, many replacements parts of iPhone SE are compatible with iPhone 5S, their internal structure are almost the same. What excited us most is that they can totally share the same LCD screen and digitizer assembly, which with no doubts will reduce the inventory and supply chain integration pressures of repair shops. However, with the original LCD screen is getting more and more difficult to be obtained, most repair shops are using more replacements parts produced by third party manufacturer in China.

In order to figure out whether the iPhone 5S LCD screens produced by the third party manufacturer are compatible with iPhone SE or not, we did the following experiment in iPhone SE:
1.Types of surveyed LCD screen: We chose 4 different LCD screen made by Chinese LCD Screen manufacturers: TM, LT, JDF and In-cell.
2. Sample number: 20 for each kind
3. The test content: Display and touch function
And here are the results
iPhone se not compliant with iPhone 5s

What surprise us is that all of the China made LCDs can work well whether on display or touch function in iPhone 5S, however, when being used in iPhone SE, there are serious problems like shaking screen, black screen, Vertical lines on display (which just like you didn’t connect the LCD screen connectors well).

shaking screen of iphone se

Why these problems happened?
First thing we need to know: the sources and production process of the China made LCDs.

The TM/LT/JDF/In-cell LCDs assemblies in the market are not completely produced by the manufacturers themselves, they just provide the cut LCD screens, the rest processes are finished by the other third party manufacturers which also provide assemble the glass lens, digitizer frame, the LCD back plate shield and the LCD drive IC and other related small parts. It is not only the LCD itself which influences the display function, the compatibility between LCD drive IC and the motherboard is also another important involving factor. In order to save costs, pursue higher profits, these third party manufacturers are using OEM-compliant LCD drive IC, which just debugged with the compatibility of 5S’s motherboard, not with SE’s.

In order to verify our speculation, we did another experiment:
Sample LCD screen: 10 pieces LCD screen made by In-cell(with original LCD drive IC)
Sample device: iPhone SE
Test result: All 10 LCD screens are worked well, no shaking screen, no black screen nor vertical lines on display appeared.

Most China made LCDs are using the OEM-Compliant LCD driving IC at present. When replacing iPhone SE LCD screen with it, there is a big chance to encounter the phenomenon of shaking screen, black screen and vertical lines on display.

1. Original and brand new LCD screen would be your best choice when replacing iPhone SE LCD screen, if not, the assembled original screen and original-refurbished screen are second choices.
2. If you truly want cost-effective China made LCDs, seek for reliable suppliers who uses the original LCD drive IC.(That is very important)

Why Sony Z3 Series Front Housing Adhesive Should Be Heated Before Used?

Recently many videos about Sony Z3 front housing adhesive impressed us which showed the adhesive should be heated before used.  They said Sony Z3&Z5 series front housing adhesive are weak when they used, which caused problem when they assembled screen with frame. To explain this problem, we made a test and found some very important information.

For Sony Xperia Z3+ Front Housing Adhesive(1)
There are two types of front housing adhesive for Sony Z3/Z3Compact/Z3+, Z5/Z5Compact/Z5 Premium, one is original front housing adhesive, another is OEM compliant front housing adhesive. Let’s take Sony Z3 front housing adhesive for example. You will know the difference.

compare oem and oem-compliant

1. Material difference

z3 front housing adhesive compare

2. Quality difference

For non-original adhesive, there are different quality also as they are from different factories. So Future Supplier had tested many suppliers and would use the best source.

3. Usage difference

Step 1:
Clear up the residual gum on the screen &front housing with 90% Alcohol. Clear up the residual gum clean the lcd screen.



Step 2:
Peel off the films and put one side on the front housing then peel off final film. peel off the sticker

peel off the sticker

Heat up the front adhesive sticker for about 1 minute and make it stick tightly to the frame.

heat up

Step 3:
Original: Put the screen on and then put the whole front screen assembly with frame on the heating plate (80-100 centi degree for 5 second).

put screen on
Non-original: Put the screen on and press them with efforts.(No need to put it on the heating plate)

Last step:
Original: Press the screen with efforts and clean the screen surface.
Non-original: You could also use 3M reinforce to strengthen the stickiness before you put screen on.



So if Sony Z3 front housing adhesive you purchased is original, heat the item by heating plate before used, then it will work.
You will also notice the same situation would happen on Sony Z3 compact/Z3+, Z5/Z5 Compact/Z5 Premium. So the correct ways for you to use their front housing adhesives which are the same as Sony Z3.

Can iOS 10 Work Well in China Made iPhone 6 LCD?

iOS 10 is coming to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, unless of course you have an age-old phone or tablet that still uses the 30-pin dock connector or is an older iPod touch.

ios-10-release-date-june-2016-970-80Recently, someone said his iPhone blacked out after he upgraded it to iOS 10 beta version with OEM-compliant TM screen, which makes he think the problem lies in the OEM-compliant TM screen. In order to figure out whether China Made iPhone 6 lcd can be used in iOS 10, we did a test with five-type of iPhone 6 lcds from different Chinese manufacturers, they are YD, LT, TM, JDF and LG-made (the third party manufacturers adjusting the LG-made lcd to fit iPhone).

ios10 Beta

Firstly, we download and update iOS 10 beta version in our iPhone 6 testing board.

Secondly, we install five different China Made iPhone 6 displays on the upgraded motherboard one by one to check if the phone could work well. We found out all of them work normally during the testing.


Lastly, Chinese factories also did some researches and confirmed that iOS 10 beta version could be applied to the China Made iPhone screens without any problem so far. The customer’s phone getting dark is probably caused by the instability of the iOS 10 beta version, not because of the OEM-compliant screen.

ios10 back up
By the way, you’d better back up your data before you update the iOS 10 beta version, in case that you could change back if needed. iOS 10 beta version is not so steady and a little bit bugs maybe exist as it’s just released. We will keep eye on this issue and keep you posted.