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Exposing Other Problems After iPhone 7’s Explosion?

The exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has had its time. Is it the iPhone 7’s turn to take center stage? We hope that is not real.


What caused this iPhone 7 to catch fire is still unknown, but this is not the first time that an iPhone was involved in a fire or explosion incident. Let’s expect official explanation soon after.

After the new iPhone 7/ 7 Plus released, there also exist some other problems exposed by iPhone 7 owners. Let’s check how many problems are there which has been revealed yet?

Hissing noise

Some iPhone 7 owners in Facebook, Twitter and other social media revealed that there exists annoying current noises when they’re subjected to a heavy processor workload, such as a game. It’s not clear what the cause is — some suspect coil whine or similar electromagnetic effects, some thought it has something to do with RF transmitter or loudspeaker system but there’s no guarantee that these are the cases.

Lightning EarPods volume bug

Another issues iPhone has encountered is that some iPhone 7 users have found an annoying glitch with Lightning EarPods, it happens when you’ve left the EarPods plugged into the iPhone 7’s lightning port for a few minutes. Audios continue to play but you can’t adjust volume, activate siri or answer calls. It seems this phenomenon is random and intermittent. This problem has been confirmed by Apple, they declared that can be fixed by updating software.


No service when turn off airplane mode

Normally when you turn on the airplane mode, then you’ll lose all the wireless signals, and turn off airplane mode, everything needs to be back to normal. However, some users revealed that there is still no service when they switch off the airplane mode. For this problem, Apple has provide a solution, restart the phone. If that still not working, then they suggest people to reinsert the SIM card. However, that’s not convenient for most of us, after all, who would carry an eject pin with himself all the time?


AirPods radiation rumors

The new AirPods comes along with the iPhone 7/7 plus which has also attracted many focus by its impressive features and price. However, there are rumors that the new stuff may cause damages to our health because the headphones are transmitting very low intensity radio waves into our ears. An Apple spokesperson clarified: ‘Apple products are always designed and tested to meet or exceed all safety requirements.’ So what do you think of this new airpods?


Finger printer in Jet Black

Since iPhone 7/7 Plus has been on marketing, the new Jet black ones become the most popular choice for apple fans. However, the problem comes along, though adopting new technology, the jet black iPhone 7/7Plus still tends to be scratched, what’s more, many Jet Black iPhone 7 users complained that the phone body is pretty easy to get covered by the finger printers. And there is no efficient way to solve this problem, even Apple suggests people making their iPhone 7 wear a protective case.


iPhone 7 yellow screen problem

From the picture below, you can tell the differences between the iPhone screens. For this yellow screen phenomenon, people have different opinions, Luckily, the yellow screen can be distinguished only when you turn the screen to the highest brightness. Normally there is no big effect to your daily use.


So these problems are exposed mostly by users, anyway, we’re looking forward to seeing Apple helping iPhone users to solve these problems. If you find any other problems and solutions, welcome to share with us!

What Makes Waterproof Phone Free From Water Damages?


Speaking of waterproof cellphone, Sony may be the first name that comes into your mind. Nowadays more and more manufacturers are trying to make their phone waterproof, like Motorola and Samsung. As we know the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 featuring the IP68 waterproof rating, even the iPhone 7 is waterproof. So how does a phone become waterproof and which part should be the most important in waterproof designs?


Generally, the common used waterproof materials are waterproof sealant tape, sealant rubber ring, waterproof membrane, Nano waterproof coating etc. Usually these parts like back cover, ear speaker, microphone, USB interface and side buttons are the most likely places to get involved with water. As to the inside, as long as the outside parts can be well protected from water, there is hardly chance for the inside parts get wet.

External Waterproofing

Like the gap between back shell/LCD screen and middle frame, usually there will be a strong sealant tape (as we called waterproof adhesive) fits tightly together. For example, when we disassemble the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 back glass or the AMOLED screen, we can see the strong adhesives adhered tightly to the back glass or middle frame which prevent the phone from water damages. Because of this strong adhesive, the teardown work could be harder, that’s the reason why most cellphone can’t be waterproof again when repaired by DIY repair work, the sealant tape adhesives needs to be sealed with professional skills.


As to ear speaker, microphone (parts with porosities), which needs the assistance of air to work together. So the high-density mesh waterproof membrane is designed to use in these parts. This waterproof membrane can only let the air and voice go through, the water molecules can’t pass through without high pressures. That’s how it prevents from water damages.


When it comes to the gap between the phone body and USB charging port, headphone jack or SIM card tray, these parts are often sealed with the sealant rubber ring.

ear-speaker-waterproof-membrane seal-rubber-and-water-resistant-screen

Galaxy Note 7 headphone jack rubber seal


Galaxy S5 SIM card tray rubber seal


As to volume & power button or home button parts, they are also prevent water from entering the mobile phone inside by means of waterproof membrane or sealant rubber ring.

Galaxy Note 7 side buttons watertight seal


Internal Waterproofing—mainboard

As to the core part of the mobile phone—the mainboard, the way to keep it away from water damage is covering the mainboard with the nano waterproof coating layer, once this layer has been applied to the motherboard, the ultra-thin nano protective film will be generated to prevent the contact between electronic components and water, thus, even though water seeped into the mainboard, still these electronic components on the mainboard will not be damaged. However covering the waterproof coating can be a tough and costing job for the cellphone manufacturers.


Through these analysis of waterproof cellphone above, we can see that waterproof design is not that difficult, the most used waterproof material are sealant tape, rubber seal ring, waterproof membrane and waterproof hydrophobic coating, sealing up the weak points where there is a possibility for water to enter with these waterproof materials can help your phone away from bad water damages. So if there is no such difficulties in waterproof design, why the waterproof function is not equipped with most of cellphones? Hence the main reason is that if the waterproof design has been added, the difficulty and steps for cellphone production will increase as well, and the defect rate may increase along with it. What’s more, there should be a very strict quality test before and after mass production, the cost increasing can be another big factor which affect the popularization of the waterproof mobile phone.


Also we should know that even though your cellphone featuring waterproof, you still need to take good care of it, even an IP 68 waterproof rating cellphone can be ruined by water damages which is not covered by the manufacturer warranty.