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Dismantle Front Housing of Galaxy S7 Edge/S6 Edge in 4 Minutes

As we all know, the technology for refurbishing LCD screen of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is mature slowly, and the lcd assembly with front housing is more secure for repair shop and individual.


In recently, we find new ways to dismantle front housing of S7 Edge from LCD screen, and the LCD works well after dismantled the frame, the way is suitable for S6 Edge & S6 Edge Plus too.

First of all, we have to know the tools we need for dismantling front housing.

As following: LCD Vacuum Separator, Molly Wire, Naphtha, 0.08mm Plug Gage, OCA Film.

The detailed process are 7-step:

1. Soaking into Naphtha: Put the lcd screen with frame into the naphtha, the soaking time about 30 minutes. It is necessary step and ensure enough time for soaking.


2. Put on LCD Vacuum Separator: After soaking naphtha, we need to put the lcd with frame on the lcd separator which has rubber mat with holes, to ensure the lcd screen is fixed by the machine and the temperature of lcd separator is usually 70~80℃.


3. Insert the plug gage: the thickness is 0.08mm, which is flexible and soft. Insert the plug gage from the gap of the lcd slowly. Take good care of the flex cable in case of the damage in the process.


4. Insert the molly wire: pass the molly wire through the hole of plug gage, and insert into the gap of the lcd, then keep cutting the adhesive.



5. Remove the adhesive: use the molly wire cutting from middle to edge.


6. Insert OCA Film: use a hard film to cut the adhesive on both sides, here we choose OCA Film.


7. Test function: After dismantling the front housing, we should test the function first, and the lcd works well.


From the above seven-step, dismantling the front housing is finished, if your refurbishing equipment is complete, just do as the instructions. Any question, please contact us: sales@futuresupplier.

More details please refer to the video: