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Can iPhone 6 Refurbish to iPhone 7?

Recently, we have heard a lot of rumors about refurbishing iPhone 6 to iPhone 7.
But whether it is true or not, we can analyze it from phone structure.

First let’s check the structure of iPhone 6:



The structure of iPhone 7:

iPhone 7 teardown

LCD Assembly Components:
Backlight/Display Module/Display Driver IC/Flex cable/glass lens/frame

spare parts

The similarity:
1. LCD Display Module: 4.7 inches
The basis of refurbishing and recycling.

lcd Comparison

2. The differences: Backlight/Flex cable/Driver IC(data difference)/Glass Lens/Frame

Backlight difference:

Backlight comparison


Flex Cable difference:

flex cable comparison


Driver IC difference: If refurbishing iPhone 7, you need reinstall driver IC.

Glass lens difference:

Glass lens comparison
If it is available for converting iPhone 6 to iPhone 7, we need the following spare parts.

iPhone 6 VS iPhone 7 LCD assembly

1. Open Module parts: iPhone 7 Flex cable/Glass Lens/Frame/Backlight
2. Valuable Parts of old LCD: Gravity sensor flex cable of Backlight/ Driver IC/ Good LCD

The compatibility of Display Drive, which may lead to functionality unstable, No display and touch function after your iPhone upgrades to the newest version, and the problems will not appear at once until you used one to two weeks.

There are no free lunches in life, if you get cheap spare parts, then you need to take higher risk.


1. If Driver Module is not original, the display resolution will be different, LCD Display will also have color distortions.
2. The glass lens and frame are produced by open mold, it may appear installation problems.

All in all, No matter it is available for refurbishing iPhone 7, we need to have the right attitude, just believe: you get what you pay for, the higher the price, the better the quality.