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iPhone 8/8P/X Light Sensor function is OK After Repaired

Recently, we have got feedback from many third-party repair shops that Apple Kills Light Sensor and Face ID Function of iPhone 8/8P/X Repaired by them, some iPhone 8 series and iPhone X have got ‘ambient light sensor not working issue’ after repairing.

Face ID Light sensor Not WorkFrom the research and analysis from REWA LAB, we found that Apple may have set up some technical barriers for repairing intentionally to prevent customers from resorting to third-party repair.

Light Sensor Not Work

To further analyze and verify the problem, REWA LAB continues the research by restoring the phone (rewriting of underlying data on the phone) and see how it works, but the ambient light sensor still cannot work. The final results are as follows: Test Result

Based on these tests, it can be confirmed that in the absence of ID code matching mechanism, even though the whole repairing process goes with OEM display or cable on iPhone 8/X, third-party repair can also cause ambient light sensor not working issue.

Judging by this, Recore finds new way to repair iPhone 8/8 Plus/X, fortunately the result shows Light Sensor and Face ID Function are OK after repaired.

iphone x works well

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(Note: Some of these data are referenced in REWA)