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How to Respond to China’s Dual Control of Energy Consumption

dual control of energy consumption

Perhaps you have noticed that the recent “dual control of energy consumption” policy of the Chinese government has had a certain impact on the production capacity of some manufacturing companies, and the delivery of orders in some industries has to be delayed.

dual control of energy consumption policy

In addition, the China Ministry of Ecology and Environment has issued the draft of “2021-2022 Autumn and Winter Action Plan for Air Pollution Management” in September. This autumn and winter (from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022), the production capacity in some industries may be further restricted.

In the coming seasons, it may take double time to complete orders comparing with that before.

take more time to complete order

To mitigate the impact of these restrictions, we suggest you have to reassess your stock and your sale in coming 2 or 3 seasons and give orders in one or two monthes in advance. Your suppliers can arrange production in advance to ensure that your order can be delivered on time.


Some suppliers may have factories in Vietnam or other countries. But because most of raw materials are sourced from China market, it need at least one month more to prepare too.

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The Difference of iPhone 12 Series Rear Housing Assembly

iPhone 12 smart phone

As we all know, the current updated Apple iPhone 12 series is different from all previous series in terms of rear housing.


There are three versions of this update: US version, European version, and International version.

Now, let’s analyze one by one.

First is European and International version.

The update of the European version and the international version is more conventional.The internal structure of the two shells is the same, and the accessories are the same. The only difference is that the European version has the EU-certified CE mark under the power button.

iPhone 12 European version with CE Logo

Then, Let’s take a look at the US version

In the past, we used to call it American version. Why did we emphasize the US version this time? The US version of the iPhone 12 series refers to that mobile phones released by Apple specifically for the United States, which are different from other American countries.

iPhone 12 US Version

First of all, in appearance, we can intuitively find that it is different from other versions. The 5G mmwave antenna slot is added, but the ultra-high-speed data transmission supported by this 5G millimeter wave can only be used in the U.S.

5G MMWave

Secondly, in terms of internal structure, it is different from other versions. The millimeter-wave antenna slot has an additional model module and a cable welded on the motherboard. These two additional components also make the internal structure of the housing a little bit different.

5G MMWave structure

Finally, there is an additional antenna inside the top of the housing, but it does not change the structure of the housing

iphone 12 structure difference


 At the end, let’s do a comparative analysis.

iPhone 12 rear housing assembly comparison


Internal structure: Refers to the layout of the inside of the housing including the location of the screw holes.

Internal accessories: Refers to all cables and auxiliary materials installed on the rear housing.

Applicable area: Only refers to the area where the part of the rear housing assembly is applicable.

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What Type of Touch Screen Does Your iPad Replace?

If your iPad touch digitizer will not respond to touch at all, first make certain the flex cable is not crimped (folded too much) or damaged, as the flex cable is very fragile so do not bend or handle roughly. If not the problem of flex cable, you need to consider replacing the touch screen.


At present, the supply of iPad touch screen assembly on the market is roughly divided into three types: original (original new, original), original refurbished and copy.

Each source has its own characteristics.

For example, the original new is more expensive and the supply is unstable. The original refurbished price is reasonable and the supply is stable. The copy price is cheap, but the function is unstable.

ipad touch screen quality level

Let’s take the iPad 6 2018 touch screen as an example.

First of all, let’s look at the copy

It is characterized by copy touch film + flex cable + front glass lens.

copy touch screen with logo

Next is original refurbished touch screen.

The structure is 1:1 high copy touch film + glass lensBut with original flex cable.

refurbished touch screen with logo

The last is original new touch screen.

Of course, it is used 100% original new touch screen + flex cable + glass lens.

original touch screen with logo

Finally, Let’s make a comparison from the price:

Copy is $7; Original refurbished is $13.5; Original new is $25 (the price is for reference only).

We can see that the original refurbished quality is cheap in price and stable in the function and source. It is a good choice.


For the delivery status of all iPad touch screen assemblies , all accessories will be affixed before delivery.

The home button will also be installed if the home button does not have a fingerprint function.

The touch glue is the most sticky.

shipping package ipad 6 2018

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How to Choose A Qualified Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ Back Camera

There are multiple cameras on the Galaxy S10/S10+ phones which use the latest technology to enhance colours in ultra-high definition and reduce blur with integrated stabiliser software.

Samsung S10

Original Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ Back Camera Module – Triple 12 MP + 12 MP + 16 MP.

Original-For-Samsung-Galaxy-S10 View-Back-Camera-Module

But if you want to replace your old, worn-out or broken camera module for the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus. How to choose a qualified one?


Today, Future Supplier gives you a detailed test method to find a qualified back camera.

First of all, we need to know, In terms of structure, S10/10+ series have the same rear camera structure and universal rear camera.

s10 back camera with same structure

There are currently 2 versions on the market. The right one is the OK version.

S10 Right version back camera

The detailed steps are as follows:

From the appearance, it is divided into two kinds of sources: disassembled and Original new.

S10 Two kind quality

Let’s take Original new source as an example (the same for disassembled) :

1. Visual inspection: We use a digital microscope to detect scratches, dirt, spots.

If the following conditions occur (scratches, dirt, spots), it will be judged as defective.

defective camera with logo

If all are ok, it is qualified.

qualified camera with logo

2. Function test: After installation, enter the Camera Mode, adjust the focus, test focus function.

camera installation with logo

Camera mode With logo

Samsung S10 Camera Focus test with logo

After finishing the focus test, enter the Engineering mode (Input *#0*#), test against a black and white background, if no abnormalities are found, it is judged as qualified camera.

Engineering mode With logo

white background with logo

black background with logo

If there are dead pixels, dark spots, different colors, Out of focus, it is a bad one.

dead pixels with logo

Through professional appearance and function tests, you can find a qualified rear camera.

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Important Notice About Shipping Time Delay

Recently, there have been many logistics delays abroad.

One of the reasones is affected by the global epidemic, the Hong Kong government has  amended its regulations. Pilots returning to Hong Kong are required to stay in Hong Kong for 72 hours in isolation, so the pilots from the entrance flight cannot pick up the exit  flight. UPS/DHL/FedEx are all affected. The shipping time has risen sharply, and the freight rate continues to rise.

logistic company

The other reason is the coming peak period for global trade. As we all know, September to December is the high season for export. For shipment during a Peak Period, the specific delay time is subject to actual circumstances.

global trade peak

Because of the above reasones, major express companies have begun to deliver limited quantities, resulting in limited freight forwarder shipping capacity. It takes more time waiting for the freight forwarder shipping to express companies.

We apologize for the inconvenience of the shipping. In order to avoid the shipping delay, we highly recommend customers arrange the orders in advance.

New shipping time with logo                                                        Shipping time for reference

Perfect Solution for iPhone 12 Series Non-Genuine Screen Warning & True Tone Missing Problem

iPhone users have all encountered the same problem, APPLE has blocked the true tone function and  Genuine Tip when people replaced an aftermarket screens, even they choose an OEM screen.

true tone missing-


For iPhone 8-11series, the true tone function will lose when replacing the original display. This issue can be solved by writing the internal code through the code writer.  For iPhone 12 series, even moving the IC module cannot solve this problem.

True tone

But now!  New solution has solved this problem – a true tone programmer which can repair the true tone function. Only compatible for our new incell iPhone 12 series screen. Following is the article and learn how to solve it.

iphone 12 display and brightness

First, you need a “True Tone Programmer”. This tool is only compatible for this new incell iPhone 12 series screen.

iPhone 12 true tone programmer

Step 1: Remove the original screen from your iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 true tone programmer and lcd

Step 2: Install the battery and turn on the power switch.

Step 2 install the battery

Step 3: Install the original screen, press the side S1 button to read the original color data. When the status indicator light is on, wait for the buzzer to sound once. When the status indicator light is off, it indicating that the reading is successful, and then can remove the original screen.

step 3 instll the original screen

Step 4: Install the new screen, press the S2 button on the side to burn the original true tone data. When the status indicator lights up, wait for the buzzer to sound. When the status indicator goes off, it means the programming is successful, and then remove the screen.

step 4 install the incell screen

Step 5: Test the true tone function.  Install the new screen to test if the true tone function is repaired.

step 5 test the true tone function

Pay Attention:

When data reading or programming is unsuccessful, the buzzer will sound at intervals. And the status light keeps flashing. Please remove the display and turn on the power again.

For iPhone 12 series new Incell Display Description

  1. Innovation Makes Progress: This new incell screen for iPhone 12 series has few display and touch issues because of the TDDI Technology and COF flex cable. Integration of touch-controlled IC and display-driven IC functions into one IC. It makes the display and touch functions more stable. The touch is more sensitive and responsive.
  2. Incell + COF mechanism, no grid lines, ultra-thin and narrow border, assemble perfect.
  3. Wide gamut(NTSC100%), high brightness (720 nits) and high saturation.
  4. 170 Degrees super wide viewing angle, the black screen comparable to original.
  5. When you wear sunglasses and rotate 360 degrees, the display will not change color and darken.
  6. The automatic production line makes product quality more stable and reliable.

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