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DLZXWIN R100P How to Recover True Tone For iPhone 12 to 13

As we all know, for iPhone 12 series, APPLE has blocked the true tone function when people replaced an aftermarket screens, even they choose an OEM screen. For iPhone 8-XS series, the true tone function will lose when replacing the original display. There is no doubt that the iPhone 13 also has this problem.


DLZX R100 true tone recover device only suitable for iPhone 12 series SL/ZY/JK/JH/GX/XY/RJ brand screens, but original screen still has true tone missing problem.

DLZX R100P True tone recover

Good news! Upgraded version R100P has solved this problem for iPhone 12 and 13/13 Mini. We will take the iPhone 12 as an example. Following is the way to solve it.

First, we need to take off the original screen from iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 display

Second, Turn on R100P and install test board. Connect the original display’s flex cable with the corresponding connector on R100P.

connect to r100p

Third, Press the READ key to read the display code.

Press Read

Forth, Connect the New original screen to R100P and Press the WRITE key.

New screen and press write

Fifth, Installation test with the phone board, and check the true tone function.

True Tone works

The operation is very similar with R100, and iPhone 12/13 special test board is equipped with.

R100P Box

The following is the detailed operation video:

If you are interested and have any other problems, please contact us:

What to Do If the Middle Frame of Your Samsung Phone is Cracked?

Samsung Note 10 get cracked

“How much is the replacing cost of Galaxy Note 10+ Middle Frame that holds the display and back glass ?  As middle frame of my device got cracks all over and it is out of warranty. ” These are the questions we have received from our customers.

Cleaning Room Pic 1

As we have refurbishment business, which includes middle frame refurbishment, so we can provide customers with more choices. Especially for those original quality are out of stock or older models.


Today we will introduce the basic process of Samsung middle frame refurbishment. Models that can be refurbished are as follows : Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/S8/S9/S10/S20/S21/S22, Note 5/Note 8/Note 9/Note 10/Note 20.

samsung frames

First, we need to pick out minor bruises, scratches and crushes frames from the old ones.

minor bruises, scratches and crushes

Second, after removing the residual glue and accessories on it with potion, we will grinding -polishing and re-oxidation.

frame refurbishing process

Third, according to the customer’s quality standards, we will select qualified ones, and then re-paste the accessories and install the side buttons.

Refurbished frames

Finally, Re-check the product and accessories, and do the installation test, if everything is ok, packaged and shipped.

Advantages: cheap price, stable function, the same color as the original, no problem in installation.

Refurbished front frame jpg

Disadvantages: Holes (such as microphone holes and SIM card trays) are prone to deformation.

holes prone to deformation

If you are experiencing this situation or have any other questions, you are welcome to discuss with us.

What You Need to Know About Curved Glass with OCA


There is a chance that one day you will break your phone screen. They are glass – very fragile – and we carry them in our pockets or bags every day, even in our hands. No matter how careful you are, your phone will be bumped, crushed and dropped. If you broke your Samsung edge screen, you’ll want to fix it. Here’s what you need to know about repairing or replacing your screen.


On most smartphones, there’s a front screen that protects and enhances the LCD screen below. The LCD screen is the more important of the two and provides all the display features along with the touch interface that is vital for a smartphone to function.


It would be better for the front screen to be damaged, than for the damage to extend into the LCD screen. However, you should fix your front screen as soon as you can. If your front screen is damaged, you still run the risk of compromising the LCD screen, because the front screen offers less protection if it is cracked or shattered.

s10+ front screen with oca

If you need to replace the front screen, a good curved front glass with OCA will save a lot of time and money. That’s what we’re going to focus on today – Curved Front Glass with OCA.

A good front glass with OCA has those basic characteristics:

1.Colorless and transparent;

2. Curing and small shrinkage;

3. The light transmittance is above 90%;

4. The glue and front cover have a good fit;

5. Can be used normally under the condition of 30-40 degrees.

S10+ Details

Take a look at our front cover materials: the original process 1:1 front glass, the hole position is precise, and the assembly is seamless.

And OCA adopts a new generation of 125UM dry glue, it has smooth tearing film, standard size, super toughness, no bubbles, easy defoaming, no yellowing and wrinkle resistance.

Some parameters you need to know:

1. Laminate front glass and OCA  2-1. Defoaming then UV 2-2. UV then Defoaming
Temperature: 50/60 degrees Temperature: 50/60 degrees Temperature: 70/80 degrees
Pressure: 5/6 pressure Pressure: 6/7 pressure Pressure: 6/7 pressure
Vacuum time: 36 seconds Defoaming time: 30 minutes Defoaming time: 30 minutes
Compress time: 32 seconds UV time: 20/35 minutes UV time: 20/35 minutes
3. Laminate LCD Screen 4. LCD Defoaming 5. UV curing using LEDs
Temperature: 50/60 degrees Temperature: 70/80 degrees Power: 2500-3500mJ/c㎡
Pressure: 3/4 pressure Pressure: 6/7 pressure Wavelength: 365nm
Vacuum time: 36 seconds Defoaming time: 30/60 minutes
Compress time: 22 seconds LCD UV: 10/20 minutes


For the repair shop, only need equipped with a laminating machine,you can complete this operation, but for refurbishment factory, larger specialized equipment is required. If you are interested, please leave your message, we are very happy to discuss together.

No SIM Card or Invalid SIM Error on Your iPhone 13?


Is your iPhone 13 not detecting the SIM card?

SIM is the soul of any smartphone and your iPhone 13 is not an exception. Without a working SIM, you cannot place calls, or browse the internet using cellular data unless you have access to Wi-Fi. So if you’ve recently purchased one of the four models of iPhone 13 from Apple’s store or any online store, you need to make sure that SIM cards work with it.

According to incomplete statistics, the users who reported bugs are mainly those who use the CDMA network standard, and the users who use the iPhone 13 are more concentrated.


If you are here, chances are that your iPhone 13 is not detecting the SIM card. Don’t worry, you’re at the right place. Let’s take a look at the possible solutions that can fix the iPhone 13 is not detecting the SIM card issue.

1. Make sure to update the carrier settings

Let’s see how:

Head to the Settings App on your iPhone 13.
Now go to General section > About.

iPhone 13 Software update

If any updates will be available here, just tap the install button.

2. Reset Your Network Settings

To do this, go to Settings > General > Transfer or reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings. When prompted, enter your iPhone’s passcode, then tap Reset Network Settings again to confirm.

Reset Network Setting

3. To restart your iPhone:

Press and hold both the Volume Down and right Side buttons until you see the Power Off slider. Then drag the slider, wait for your iPhone to shut down, and turn your iPhone back on.


Another problem is why iPhone 13 camera is flickering while opening it in a Slow-motion mode? 

iphone 13 flickering

When many users use iPhone slow motion recording and shooting indoors, they will find that the process of shooting slow motion movies with iPhone is normal, but flashing black screens appear when browsing slow motion movies, and many iPhone users mistakenly believe that the camera lens is broken. this is actually a normal phenomenon.

If you are filming indoors with LED bulbs and even incandescent bulbs, you will get flicker. Depending on where you live in the world, AC current is either 50 or 60 hertz and you are slowing that frequency way down to a visible flicker when using slow motion.

How to avoid iPhone flickering in slow motion
If you want to avoid iPhone flickering in slow motion video recording, there are also ways to avoid it. You can try the following methods:

1. It is recommended to go outdoors during the day and use the sun to shoot slow motion
2. Use LED T8 lighting for indoor tubes, or set up auxiliary lighting
3. Adjust the recording slow motion format to “1080p HD/120 fps” (Settings> Camera> Record Slow Motion)
4. Switch to general recording mode

iPhone 13 camera flickering

The above is our sharing of iPhone 13. If you have other questions or have different opinions, you can leave a message to discuss with us.