4 Things You Must Know About Customized for iPhone 6 Series Rear Housing

The iPhone 6 Series Rear Housing’s Customized Service comes online, Wonderful Surprises worth waiting for. FutureSupplier customized the rear housing without any logo, what ever patent needs respect all the time. This special service is geared to the needs of different groups, you can order the rear cover without any logo independently in our website,  customized unique logo or words is our feature. We have powerful team and professional technique, and we’d love the change to make you happy!

Customized means carving the Words & Phrases or Logo  you like on your back housingdecorating your cover with charming elements, printing special symbol for your accessories and Join Service. Any idea you propose, we can do it for you.

We have many specialties, from custom unique design to matching your iPhone. Basically, we offer all kinds of amazing stuff. It’s not just for shopping and ordering – it’s a playground! We Provides varies font for your words and phrases, you can choose the name of your lover, famous singer and writer, or favorite song, special film, meaningful book ,thoughtful words and motto, engrave the green day on your mind.

iPhone 6 rear housing

Attractive figure, pattern, design or logo, we can achieve too. vivid pictures are more impressive for memorizing. Funny patterns bring more joy to your life, No matter what your picture is, just supply it to us, our designer “print “ it on the cover(Note: Due to different patterns need corresponding mould, minimum order quality is different) .

iPhone 6 rear housing customized

The years of experiences pool into the present development, we have finished many products for our customers. What we do is for your laughter. We have the craft of diamond-encrusted rear housing, multiple colors for your selection. Furthermore, our customized service applies to accessories, such as USB Date Cable, Protective Case, Package box, Charging Adapter and many others… Showing your character, acting on your dream, do not wait any more.

iPhone 6 accessories

After all those, we have Join Service: if you are repair shopkeeper or factory manager, worry about your Not high nor low business. Future Supplier are your best partner, we can help you doing activity planning and promotion, insure on time shipping for your order. What you need is Join US, We are here, where are you?( For more information, please contact us: sales@futuresupplier.com or our SKYPE account: futuresupplier8)


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