Believe it: iPhone 6 Can Convert into iPhone 6S

Rumors about iPhone 7 are not fresh now, While iPhone 6 screen can convert into iPhone 6S, you believe or not? Let’s check how to achieve and test the function:

iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s

First, you should know the parts need to be changed:
1). Replace iPhone 6 flex cable by iPhone 6S.
2). Separate the LCD of iPhone 6, then laminate the iPhone 6S LCD via vacuum laminating machine.

Detailed Steps:

1. Separate the iPhone 6 LCD and glass cover by professional cutting machine.

screen separator

(Notes: the glass cover of iPhone 6 is compatible with iPhone 6S, please handle gently to avoid damaging the LCD which may cause backlight problem)

2. Remove the glue pasted on the iPhone 6 glass cover with glue remove machine, then disassemble the flex cable, after that, replace it with iPhone 6S flex cable.
glue remove machine

3. Laminate iPhone 6S flex cable by professional laminating machine. After doing this, we have finished iPhone 6S touch flex cable with glass cover.


(Note: this operation needs to wear gloves)

4. Laminating the function well iPhone 6S LCD and touch flex cable with glass cover. vacuum laminating

(Notes: this procedure must be finished strictly under guide and it needs patience and skills, take care when taking up and putting down, or the LCD will drop off and break easily).

5. After Applying LCD adhesive,OCA and screen protector, iPhone 6S LCD screen assembly has been finished, whether it is quality approved? testing is indispensable.


6. Make a regular test to the final LCD screen, mainly for 3D touch and backlight.

touch test)

7.If it works well, install the frame finally.

Till now all the procedures have been finished and iPhone 6 LCD screen has converted into iPhone 6S screen successfully.

iPhone 6 TO 6s conver

From the above steps, we witness the processing of converting iPhone 6 LCD into iPhone 6S. Except for professional technology and machine, patience and carefulness are also important.

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