Can iOS 10 Work Well in China Made iPhone 6 LCD?

iOS 10 is coming to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, unless of course you have an age-old phone or tablet that still uses the 30-pin dock connector or is an older iPod touch.

ios-10-release-date-june-2016-970-80Recently, someone said his iPhone blacked out after he upgraded it to iOS 10 beta version with OEM-compliant TM screen, which makes he think the problem lies in the OEM-compliant TM screen. In order to figure out whether China Made iPhone 6 lcd can be used in iOS 10, we did a test with five-type of iPhone 6 lcds from different Chinese manufacturers, they are YD, LT, TM, JDF and LG-made (the third party manufacturers adjusting the LG-made lcd to fit iPhone).

ios10 Beta

Firstly, we download and update iOS 10 beta version in our iPhone 6 testing board.

Secondly, we install five different China Made iPhone 6 displays on the upgraded motherboard one by one to check if the phone could work well. We found out all of them work normally during the testing.


Lastly, Chinese factories also did some researches and confirmed that iOS 10 beta version could be applied to the China Made iPhone screens without any problem so far. The customer’s phone getting dark is probably caused by the instability of the iOS 10 beta version, not because of the OEM-compliant screen.

ios10 back up
By the way, you’d better back up your data before you update the iOS 10 beta version, in case that you could change back if needed. iOS 10 beta version is not so steady and a little bit bugs maybe exist as it’s just released. We will keep eye on this issue and keep you posted.

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