Different Refurbishment Modes: Huaqiangbei Pattern & Factory Pattern

Shenzhen Huaqiangbei, known as the 1st street of China electronics , where the main strength is to build mobile phone spare parts business, all kinds of electronic spare parts included, wholesale full mobile devices as well as refurbish and recycle full range of accessories. I’d like to introduce a special business called LCD refurbishment, and first let’s have a look at how the refurbishing industry being formed?

huaqiangbeiUnder the trend of global smart phones, major brands are having fierce competition. Brand phones’ replacement gets more quickly than ever, as Apple has shorten the time from 20 years to 0.16 years to launch new product. Trade-in service in most countries has been out of sight, it’s probably due to high cost of buying a new screen for maintenance, which lead to demands exceeds the supply. That’s why refurbishing industry came into being.


Pattern of refurbishing screens:
1: Huaqiangbei workshop pattern
2: Factory Refurbishment pattern

Huaqiangbei Workshop Pattern
Currently the way Huaqiangbei electronics market deals with refurbishment
may look so hot, how it really goes? Let’s have a detailed analysis for this mode.
There are all kind of counters to display refurbished lcds, large or small, for Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Sony, etc. in Huaqiangbei communications city-mall. This seems quite hot as it’s intended for the customers at home and abroad who has demands for refurbishment.

huaqiangbei market mallThese dealers are usually spending 5,000 RMB to 7,000 RMB, that depends, and only 2 to 3 staffs are getting started in their small refurbishing workshop. They are able to refurbish LCD products, but without a clean room for professional operation, a formal BOM, a detailed operating process for manufacturing and standard equipment. What’s more, they don’t even have very professional technicians for quality control, all depends on local sources in Huaqiangbei instead.


It is because of their limited professionalism that they may come with low quality parts , for example, iPhone refurbishment often comes with loose frame, frame and lcd are separated, bad backlight and bubbles, black spots and dust.


These are uncontrollable factors for them subject to their limited production line and working environment in favor of their low cost. They quote low price to attract customers, but product performance of stability is very low as they mainly use high copy products with low cost for refurbishing. When they are looking for large quantity for refurbishment, quality is certainly not guaranteed.


1.With mess environment, looks like a simple work booth without any guidance and standard for operating process.


2.Dust-free environment is Not up to standard and NO any anti-static measure.Clean roomjpg

3.The refurbishing Equipment is simple, outdated, inaccurate and can’t provide with quality parts.


4.Casual placing Finished Products


Factory Refurbishing Pattern

1. A complete production process.

production environment2. Thorough and strict quality standards.


3. Professional Product knowledge trainingtechnology training

4. 100 Class Clean environment.100 class clean room

5. Special staff for Specific jobsCleaning Room

6. Advanced and modern machinery and equipment.

Bubble Removing Machine LCD Cutting Machine

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