DLZXWIN R100P How to Recover True Tone For iPhone 12 to 13

As we all know, for iPhone 12 series, APPLE has blocked the true tone function when people replaced an aftermarket screens, even they choose an OEM screen. For iPhone 8-XS series, the true tone function will lose when replacing the original display. There is no doubt that the iPhone 13 also has this problem.


DLZX R100 true tone recover device only suitable for iPhone 12 series SL/ZY/JK/JH/GX/XY/RJ brand screens, but original screen still has true tone missing problem.

DLZX R100P True tone recover

Good news! Upgraded version R100P has solved this problem for iPhone 12 and 13/13 Mini. We will take the iPhone 12 as an example. Following is the way to solve it.

First, we need to take off the original screen from iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 display

Second, Turn on R100P and install test board. Connect the original display’s flex cable with the corresponding connector on R100P.

connect to r100p

Third, Press the READ key to read the display code.

Press Read

Forth, Connect the New original screen to R100P and Press the WRITE key.

New screen and press write

Fifth, Installation test with the phone board, and check the true tone function.

True Tone works

The operation is very similar with R100, and iPhone 12/13 special test board is equipped with.

R100P Box

The following is the detailed operation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQ0Ww3MSyW8

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