Fix iPhone X Face ID True Tone Issues by JC V1SE Receiver FPC Board

For iPhone X and later models, the most annoying problems are iPhone Face ID and true tone issues. Fortunately, now we have the tools to solve these issues. The JCID factory has released new tools (JC V1SE receiver FPC test board and JC ear speaker sensor flex cable) to solve iPhone Face ID and true tone problems.

Face id not work

Please check following steps before repairing:

1. Upgrade the JC V1SE systems to 3.2 versions or above.
2. Update the USB drive to 2.0 versions or above.
3. Install the driver for new JC V1SE.
4. Jailbreak the iPhone by JC J-BOX jailbreak tool.

Step 1: Jailbreak the iPhone

We need to jailbreak the iPhone before we can use the JC V1SE FPC detection board to repair an iPhone without the original iPhone earpiece speaker sensor flex cable.

We can use the JCID J-BOX Jailbreak programmer to jailbreak the iPhone X.

JC Jailbreak Box

Step 2: Turn on the JC V1SE

Buckle the JC V1SE receiver FPC Test board to the JC V1SE Host, power the JC V1SE via the data cable, and the V1SE will turn on automatically.

V1SE Programmer

Step 3: Detect the JC V1SE ear speaker sensor flex cable

Install the JC V1SE ear speaker sensor flex cable onto the receiver test board, then click “detect” to check that the flex cable model and activation status are correct.

V1SE VS Earspeaker flex

V1SE Connect

Step 4: Repair Ear speaker sensor flex cable(receiver FPC cable)

Connect the jailbroken iPhone X and JC V1SE via iPhone lightning cable, the iPhone X and JC ear speaker flex cable require JC V1SE to complete the model match and repair the ear speaker sensor flex cable.

V1S Connect with iphone x

After connecting, it starts to read the iPhone information, display the iPhone information and jailbreak status on the JC V1SE screen.

Click “trust” on the iPhone and click “activate” on the JC V1SE, it shows the flex cable activated successfully, the ear speaker sensor flex cable repaired well.

Deactivation FPC

Step 5: Install and Test the JC Receiver FPC

Install the repaired JC ear speaker sensor flex cable on the iPhone X, and then power on the iPhone X to test. The iPhone X Face ID and true tone functions are now available and working properly.

install the repair receiver FPC TO iPhone X

True tone repaired

Face ID Repaired

The following tools are required:

1. iPhone lightning cable
2. JC V1SE
3. JC Receiver FPC Test Board
4. JC V1SE ear speaker flex cable
5. LCD opening tools

JC Earspeaker flex cable

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