How to Choose the Most Suitable Battery Cover for your Samsung Note 20 Ultra


The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are two of the very best Android  smartphones you can buy right now. They feature powerful processors, versatile cameras, massive batteries, beautiful screens, and great all-round performance. Of course, technology being what it is, they may sporadically encounter issues. Today, we will discuss the issue of battery door cover.

Samsung Note20 ultra battery door

If your device dropped on the floor and the battery cover on your device Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra got damaged, this is the part you need to repair it.

samsung note20 ultra broken battery cover

First, Let’s take a look at the classification.

The battery covers currently on the market are divided into three types in terms of accessories: 1. single battery cover;  2. battery cover with adhesive + camera lens and bezel; 3. battery cover + complete set of accessories.

battery cover in accessories

There are four types in terms of quality: 1. Copy;  2.High Copy;  3. Original film;  4. 100% Original.

1. Copy: Both the film and glass are imitation, the glass is not tempered enough, it is fragile, and the color difference is large;
2. High Copy: Both the film and glass are imitation, but the glass has a better tempering degree, is not easy to break, and has no color difference;
3. Original film: The film and glass are original, which can achieve the original effect;
4. 100% Original: The supply is unstable and the price is expensive;
We recommend high copy and original film quality. The supply is stable and the price is affordable.

Secondly, Let’s see how to choose.

In appearance, No bumps/scratches/crushes, no black spots and color spots.

Appearance problem

Pay attention: Samsung Note 20 Ultra camera glass lens and cover bezel are all divided into colors, it is black, white and bronze. But bronze glass lens is currently out of stock and is replaced with black.

Note 20 ultra back camera lens with bezel

Thirdly, We are talking about who is applicable.

Individual users and repair shops are suitable for battery cover with adhesive + camera lens and bezel.

Factory and after-sales repair shop can choose battery cover + full set of accessories. It can save a lot of labor and reduce costs, and at the same time can meet customer requirements.

Value-added services: We can coding and typing according to customer needs.

value added service

Finally,  you can refer to our method and choose the most suitable battery cover according to your needs.

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