How to Fix Your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Back Camera


The camera is one of the most used applications on a smartphone. It is therefore, essential that it works perfectly without any hiccups while out to capture those precious moments.

Lately, many Galaxy S20 owners complained about the camera not working and they are not sure why?

samsung s20 ultra

In this article, we’ll discuss some effective solutions you can try to fix camera not working issues on the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra.

The following is basic detection methods:

1. Most often simply way is closing and restarting the camera app can fix the problem;

2. If the above solution does not work, try rebooting the phone;

3. Clear the camera data and cache;

4. Check if there are new updates available for the apps including the camera app;

5. Wipe system cache partition;

6. Factory reset your phone (only if all other solutions fail to fix the problem).

If the problem is still not resolved, you need to consider that there is a problem with the camera. As we all know, Samsung S20 series rear camera consists of multiple small cameras, how can I confirm which camera has a problem?

S20 Series back camera

Let’s take S20 ultra as an example to explain in detail how to confirm which camera has a problem.

Samsung has embedded a total of four cameras on the back of Galaxy S20 Ultra. They are 12-Megapixel Ultra Wide Angle Camera, 108MP Wide angle camera, 48MP Telephoto and DepthVision camera.


The specific test method is as following:

1. Open the dial interface and enter the Engineering mode (Input *#0*#)

2. Click MEGA CAM to test wide angle and telephoto;

3. Click Front Cam to test front camera;

4. Click TOF Camera to test DepthVision Camera;

Engineering mode

If all are OK, please return to the Home interface and turn on the camera, click the focal length 0.5x/1.0x/2x in turn to judge the focus of the camera , click 0.5X to test ultra-wide-angle camera.

Samsung-Galaxy-S20-Ultra focus test


In this way, you can determine which camera has a problem, and replace whichever has a problem.

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