Important Notice About Shipping Time Delay

Recently, there have been many logistics delays abroad.

One of the reasones is affected by the global epidemic, the Hong Kong government has  amended its regulations. Pilots returning to Hong Kong are required to stay in Hong Kong for 72 hours in isolation, so the pilots from the entrance flight cannot pick up the exit  flight. UPS/DHL/FedEx are all affected. The shipping time has risen sharply, and the freight rate continues to rise.

logistic company

The other reason is the coming peak period for global trade. As we all know, September to December is the high season for export. For shipment during a Peak Period, the specific delay time is subject to actual circumstances.

global trade peak

Because of the above reasones, major express companies have begun to deliver limited quantities, resulting in limited freight forwarder shipping capacity. It takes more time waiting for the freight forwarder shipping to express companies.

We apologize for the inconvenience of the shipping. In order to avoid the shipping delay, we highly recommend customers arrange the orders in advance.

New shipping time with logo                                                        Shipping time for reference

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