iPhone 7 Rumors Make you Replace your Galaxy S7 Edge?

iPhone SE was just released in March 2016. Now the Apple fans are waiting for iPhone 7 in this September. Rumors about the new model make iPhone 7 mysterious and enigmatic.

  1. Thinner body

In order to get a thinner body, the engineers have to give up on some internal electronic components to make space for the others. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus batteries are forced to get tinier in order to make room for 3D touch, though Apple managed to make the battery lasting time as the same the before.  But FutureSupplier thinks it not worth to seek smaller size by the sacrifice of battery capacity.

iPhone 7 thinner body

  1. Dual Camera lens

With the newest dual camera on iPhone 7, the picture quality is as good as a DSLR camera. Dual the normal image quality of iPhone 6 (8-magapixel iSight camera with 1.5µ pixels), Apple is striving to improve an aggressive progress on camera.

John Gruber, who once correctly predicted new iPhone designs for the older model, exposed in a show that Apple is busy with updating camera performance for iPhone 7 and the coming step would be the biggest camera jump ever.

Besides, John Gruber also mentioned that Apple plans to build a two-lens system for iPhone 7 though he does not have a clear idea of what the camera would look like, in order to align its image quality to a DSLR camera.

Sony just released a new sensor named Exmor RS IMX230 and its camera can reach 21-megapixel (HDR and 30fps 4K video shooting supported). 192 automatic focusing is available. Maybe it will be applied to iPhone 7 ?


  1. Soft screen

We’ve been cautious enough for our iPhones as the screen is too gentle to be cracked once it’s dropped on the floor, but we will never worry about for iPhone 7 because the LCD screen is soft and tender. Nowadays the concept of tender screen has been built in smartphone areas in all aspects. It’s not strange that iPhone 7 may also have this feature.

iPhone 7 soft screen

  1. Missing 3.5mm earphone socket

Why Apple still keeps the 3.5mm for iPhone 6 is because 3.5mm is the international standard size though Apple could have removed it in the beginning for a thinner body. Maybe Apple will cancel the 3.5mm socket and use the Lightning hole for the use of earphone. But the problem is that people will find it difficult to borrow earphones from their friends if they forget to take iPhone 7 earphones with them.

iphone 7 without 3.5mm earphone jack

  1. Wireless charging

Though wireless charging function is blank in Apple history, it does not mean they are not interested in. In this week, the WattUp technique can realize sensor charging for iPhone 7, which means that your iPhone 7 can be charged anywhere in your office within 15 feet. Maybe the new function will be used for iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 wireless charging

  1. Flexible display

Some media agent issued a concept video of iPhone 7 that the lcd screen can be extended out to make it a tablet.  Will this really happen on iPhone 7?  Let’s wait and see.




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