JC Dot Matrix Flex Cable Solved iPhone 12 Face ID Not Available Problem


iPhone Face ID is not working which can’t unlock the iPhone and keeps saying move iPhone higher or lower. With regard to the fact that the iPhone Face ID does not work, we have been able to fix it by changing the iPhone dot projector flex cable.

Tools we need

Tools we need:

1. An iPhone with a damaged dot matrix cable.
2. Mobile phone code reader V1SE.
3. V1SE dot matrix detection board.
4. JC dot matrix flex cable.

The specific operation is as follows:

First, Remove the front camera assembly from the iPhone to be repaired.

iPhone 12 front camera assembly


Second, Buckle the dot matrix cable on the interface of the corresponding model of the V1SE dot matrix board, the screen shows that the cable is connected, click to read.



Third,  Heat the front camera assembly with an air gun (220℃) to remove the dot matrix flex cable.

Heat the front camera assembly with an air gun

Fourth, Remove the light-emitting components from the original dot matrix flex cable and transplant it to the JC dot matrix cable.

Details 1. Remove the MOS tube with a crowbar and air gun (300℃) and short the two legs of the figure below with solder.

Remove the MOS tube

Detals. 2. Remove the entire light-emitting components after the shorting is completed and transplant it to the  JC dot matrix cable.

Remove the entire light-emitting components

Fifth, Snap the soldered JC dot matrix cable on the JC V1SE host, click burn-in, OK, and wait for the burn-in is complete.

burn-in is complete

Finally, Put the burn-in completed JC dot matrix flex back into the front camera assembly  and put it back into the iPhone and test it with no problem.


These are the methods to repair the dot matrix flex cable, which requires professional technicians and teams to complete. If you are interested, please contact us or leave a message.

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