New Tips to Try for iPhone 11 Volume Buttons Not Working

iPhone 11volume button

The volume buttons on your iPhone 11 won’t work and you don’t know why. In this article, we will explain what to do when your iPhone volume buttons are not working!

Basic RGB

If the volume buttons on your iPhone are not working,  it would be best to go to the Settings> General > accessibility and turn on the assistive touch. This option offers you control over the volume buttons, and by tapping on these options, you may have your volume buttons working fine.


If this trick not works, you may assume the problem is the internal flex cables.

First we need to know which flex cable is used to control the volume button and mute button. Yes, it is volume flex cable and WiFi flex cable.

volume flex cable and wifi flex cable

If there is a problem with your phone’s volume button or mute key, you need to judge two parts to determine where the problem is. There are three possibilities:
1. The WiFi flex cable needs to be replaced;
2. Need to change the volume flex cable;
3. Both cables need to be replaced.

Then if we find the problem, we can reduce unnecessary cable replacement and repair time during the repair process, and reduce repair costs.

iphone 11 rear housing

But how to judge whether it is the problem of the volume cable or WiFi flex cable?

iphone 11 teardown

The following is the detailed steps:

1. A Y-shaped screwdriver is needed to remove the fixing screw at the connection between the volume cable and the WiFi cable;

Y Screwdriver
2. Disconnect and take a new WiFi cable, after connecting, please connect it to the motherboard for testing. If the function is restored, the WiFi cable needs to be replaced;
3. If you connect the new WiFi cable and the problem is not resolved, then we need to use a new volume cable to connect to the original WiFi cable and test, if the function is restored, you need to replace the volume flex cable;
4. If the new volume cable can not solve the problem, both the volume and WiFi cable need to be replaced.
5. It is recommended to proceed according to the steps we said, so that the number of screws that need to be removed is the least and the most time-saving.

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