New Way to Refurbish Samsung S6 Edge/S7 Edge LCD Assembly

It is difficult and significant to refurbish S6 Edge/S7 Edge LCD digitizer assembly compared with S6 and S7 LCD, because the refurbishing technology and success rates are not mature and stable at present.

S6 Edge cracked screen

But we recently found a new way to increase product yield and the success rate for refurbishing S6/S7 Edge curved screen.

First of all, we need to know the difficulties to refurbish the curved display screen.

  1. Curved screen can not be directly operated at hot plate;
  2. After heating, cutting technique can not be used to separate LCD , or lcd leakage will appear;
  3. The cutting force is difficult to control which may result in LCD scrapped.

In consideration of those difficulties, we found new measures to refurbish the curved display screen, S6 Edge/S7 Edge. Six steps are needed as following:

1.Dismantle front housing: Put the lcd screen into the naphtha for 10 ~20 minutes. Use the card to separate the frame directed from the middle to the edge. Take good care of the flex cable in case of the damage in the process.

dismantle front housing

2. Dismantle Glass cover: Use a blade to open a small gap between the digitizer and glass, to make room for the card which will be used to separate the two in the freezer. Put the screen in the freezer for about 60 seconds. Then push the card into the gap. Please be aware that the lcd screen must be 100% attached to the sink bottom of the freezer, because only the bottom area can guarantee the lowest temperature of 140 degrees F. If the glass cover is broken, we need to start separating from the side where the glass damage is the smallest, and then to the rest gradually.

dismantle glass cover

3. Remove the excessive glue: We can use the # 833 glue to slowly remove it with the help of a plastic card. If the glue is very sticky and hard to be cleared, please cover a cleaning cloth with #833 glue onto the lcd to have the glue slowly dissolved.

Remove the excessive glue

4. Laminating OCA and New glass cover: Tear off the protective film and stick it to the other side of the OCA,This will make it more correctly to align the OCA to the glass. Place the front of the OCA to the same area on the glass, and laminate it with vacuum laminating machine for one minute.

laminating oca and glass lens

5. Laminating LCD and Glass Cover: Wash the LCD again with naphtha(if conditions allow, you’d better clean it at clean room to avoid dust and impurities), then laminate the lcd and glass cover with Vacuum laminating machine.

lamination is finished

6. Vacuum removing bubble: After laminating the lcd, a few small bubbles will still exist, using vacuum remove bubble machine for about 15 minutes, then you get the fully good lcd assembly.

bubble remover machine

From the above six-step, refurbishing the curved lcd is not so difficult as imaginary, if your refurbishing equipment is complete, just do as the instructions, refurbishing S6 Edge/S7 Edge LCD screen is not far away.

More details please refer to the video:


6 thoughts on “New Way to Refurbish Samsung S6 Edge/S7 Edge LCD Assembly

  1. asif

    hello hi i am shop keeper in uk city luton
    i have many samsung s6 edge and samsung s7 edge screen only front glass broken if you do repair this type of display so tell me how much cost and how many days you need to do ?

    many thanks

    asif ali


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