No IC LCD Screen Solved the iPhone 12 Non-Genuine Display Warning Issue


Apple finally unveils the iOS 15 at WDWC 2021. New iOS update with new features but also comes with new problems, such as pop-up problem after replacing the lcd screens.

ios15 non genuine warning

The pop-up warning shows that unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple display on the screen no matter the original display or aftermarket display. There is a touch module on the display flex which contains the iPhone 12 system data. When we connect a new replaced display and power on the phone, the touch module data and the iPhone system cannot match. That’s why the warning pop-up on the screen.We need to replace the touch module to the new display screen.

Our previous blog has already introduced that by replacing the touch screen Or LCD Screen, the pop-up problem can be solved.

Now we can offer No IC LCD Screens of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 which can bring more convenience to customers. For specific operation methods, please refer to our video:

iphone 11 LCD with No IC

However, you need to pay special attention when replacing the No IC LCD Screen. After the touch IC is polished,the pad needs to be leveled. Otherwise, it is easy to cause false welding or short circuit.

Polish Touch IC

If you are a professional technician, you can polish the IC yourself to replace it, the operation is simple. Or you can provide the burst screens, type the number and send them to us, we change the burst screen IC to the new screen, type the number and send them back to you.

iPhone 11 broken lcd screen

Any more information or needs, please contact us:

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