Perfect Solution for iPhone 12 Series Non-Genuine Screen Warning & True Tone Missing Problem

iPhone users have all encountered the same problem, APPLE has blocked the true tone function and  Genuine Tip when people replaced an aftermarket screens, even they choose an OEM screen.

true tone missing-


For iPhone 8-11series, the true tone function will lose when replacing the original display. This issue can be solved by writing the internal code through the code writer.  For iPhone 12 series, even moving the IC module cannot solve this problem.

True tone

But now!  New solution has solved this problem – a true tone programmer which can repair the true tone function. Only compatible for our new incell iPhone 12 series screen. Following is the article and learn how to solve it.

iphone 12 display and brightness

First, you need a “True Tone Programmer”. This tool is only compatible for this new incell iPhone 12 series screen.

iPhone 12 true tone programmer

Step 1: Remove the original screen from your iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 true tone programmer and lcd

Step 2: Install the battery and turn on the power switch.

Step 2 install the battery

Step 3: Install the original screen, press the side S1 button to read the original color data. When the status indicator light is on, wait for the buzzer to sound once. When the status indicator light is off, it indicating that the reading is successful, and then can remove the original screen.

step 3 instll the original screen

Step 4: Install the new screen, press the S2 button on the side to burn the original true tone data. When the status indicator lights up, wait for the buzzer to sound. When the status indicator goes off, it means the programming is successful, and then remove the screen.

step 4 install the incell screen

Step 5: Test the true tone function.  Install the new screen to test if the true tone function is repaired.

step 5 test the true tone function

Pay Attention:

When data reading or programming is unsuccessful, the buzzer will sound at intervals. And the status light keeps flashing. Please remove the display and turn on the power again.

For iPhone 12 series new Incell Display Description

  1. Innovation Makes Progress: This new incell screen for iPhone 12 series has few display and touch issues because of the TDDI Technology and COF flex cable. Integration of touch-controlled IC and display-driven IC functions into one IC. It makes the display and touch functions more stable. The touch is more sensitive and responsive.
  2. Incell + COF mechanism, no grid lines, ultra-thin and narrow border, assemble perfect.
  3. Wide gamut(NTSC100%), high brightness (720 nits) and high saturation.
  4. 170 Degrees super wide viewing angle, the black screen comparable to original.
  5. When you wear sunglasses and rotate 360 degrees, the display will not change color and darken.
  6. The automatic production line makes product quality more stable and reliable.

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