Solved: iPhone 8/8Plus/X Ambient Light Sensor Failed Problem

It becomes a hot topic about the Problem of iPhone 8/8 Plus/X Ambient Light Sensor Failed after screen replacement, Future Supplier has also been trying to find a solution.


After repeatedly research and testing, we have solved this problem successfully on iOS 11.4 version with a newly developed PROGRAMMER. The screen data can be cloned to another screen and ambient light sensor function back to normal. Of course, the face ID function still works normally. We guess that Apple Inc. uses encryption technology to make the phone lose its ambient light sensor once the screen or other parts were replaced.

ALS Programmer

At the same time, we found that the ambient light sensor function works properly on the iOS 12.0 Beta version, but not sure whether it will still work properly after iOS 12.0 official version released.

Pay attention: The premise is that your iPhone X is original and other functions are intact except the screen need to replace. After screen replacement by using our ALS Programmer Box, the phone can adjust brightness automatically.

Please check the video for more details. If you want a more efficient at your Ambient Light Sensor repair work. This 3 in 1 ALS Programmer Box will be your perfect choice.

2 thoughts on “Solved: iPhone 8/8Plus/X Ambient Light Sensor Failed Problem

  1. Milan Köhnke

    Hey is it possible to use this box for transferring the data from original cracked screen to new aftermarket screen?

    1. Scott Patrick Post author

      Hi Milan, this box can transfer the data from original cracked screen to new original screen, aftermarket screen is not available yet.


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