Suffering From Insomnia? You Need Night Shift

iOS 9.3 might not look like much of an upgrade, but there’s one feature you should definitely be excited about. It’s called Night Shift, and it makes using your iPhone or iPad before bed more comfortable, more enjoyable and healthier by banishing blue light.


Almost all gadgets with a display give off blue light, and while it’s perfectly healthy to absorb as much as you like during the day, it’s not something you want to take in at night. Using phones and tablets close to bedtime can make falling and staying asleep more difficult. That’s because blue light tricks our circadian rhythm, or natural body clock, into thinking that it’s daytime. It also boosts attention and reaction times, and interferes with our bodies’ production of melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep, making it difficult to nod off.


Night Shift uses your iOS device’s clock and geolocation to determine when it’s sunset in your location, then it automatically shifts the colors in your display to the warmer end of the spectrum. In the morning, it returns the display to its regular settings. It is easy to set Night Shift Mode


It’s obvious when Night Shift mode is active: your whole display gets an orangey hue, like the color temperature has been turned right up. But it doesn’t make it any more difficult to see what’s on screen — it just makes it more comfortable to look at in dimly lit environments.


Night Shift mode will support iPhones and iPads with 64-bit processors. That includes the iPad Pro, iPad Pro 9.7-inch, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, and iPhone 6 and newer.


If you like reading in bed, or playing games until you’re ready to sleep, Night Shift is a must. Not only does it eliminate that feeling of a burning cornea, but it also prevents your iPhone or iPad from lighting up the whole room, which bedmates will appreciate.

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