What to Do If the Middle Frame of Your Samsung Phone is Cracked?

Samsung Note 10 get cracked

“How much is the replacing cost of Galaxy Note 10+ Middle Frame that holds the display and back glass ?  As middle frame of my device got cracks all over and it is out of warranty. ” These are the questions we have received from our customers.

Cleaning Room Pic 1

As we have refurbishment business, which includes middle frame refurbishment, so we can provide customers with more choices. Especially for those original quality are out of stock or older models.


Today we will introduce the basic process of Samsung middle frame refurbishment. Models that can be refurbished are as follows : Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/S8/S9/S10/S20/S21/S22, Note 5/Note 8/Note 9/Note 10/Note 20.

samsung frames

First, we need to pick out minor bruises, scratches and crushes frames from the old ones.

minor bruises, scratches and crushes

Second, after removing the residual glue and accessories on it with potion, we will grinding -polishing and re-oxidation.

frame refurbishing process

Third, according to the customer’s quality standards, we will select qualified ones, and then re-paste the accessories and install the side buttons.

Refurbished frames

Finally, Re-check the product and accessories, and do the installation test, if everything is ok, packaged and shipped.

Advantages: cheap price, stable function, the same color as the original, no problem in installation.

Refurbished front frame jpg

Disadvantages: Holes (such as microphone holes and SIM card trays) are prone to deformation.

holes prone to deformation

If you are experiencing this situation or have any other questions, you are welcome to discuss with us.

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