What to do When Galaxy S7 Edge’s Water-Resistance Can NOT Work

Since Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge launched in Feb. 2016, it has become such a hit around the world, especially the function of water-resistance. Samsung official website says S7 Edge achieves IP68 level Water-resistance and dustproof under 1.5 meters (5 feet) of no flow water for 30 minutes.

s7waterThis Water-resistance function is only for brand new S7 Edge, Do not include reclaimed ones.


Yesterday we received an email from one of our customers, confused by the blank screen when he took a dip and the phone fell into the bathtub. Unfortunately his S7 Edge is reclaimed, water-resistance can not work. We told him the solution and sharing it with everyone.

First you need a set of disassembling tool, drying the battery door with a blower until the temperature reach to 45℃~50℃(1521℉~1690℉), then you can separate battery door. The battery door is made of glass, not easy to cause deformation, but the force must be uniform, otherwise may cause broken. The other thing you need to consider is that: Take apart the phone is necessary, or the drop of water will stay in the machine and influence the normal using.


Second, dismantle the screws of battery door, that is easy but not all, we need disconnect Antenna and NFC Chip in case of permeation of vapor. We need to be careful as the material of NFC Chip is electric coil and graphite, if it is crooked, the sensor function of NFC Chip will be effected.

dismantle the screws of battery door

Third, remove the battery carefully and pull down the lines connected to the motherboard which are the main reason for blank screen.

Pay attention: the motherboard is not need to disassemble for the ventilator and the hot wind can blow in.

Then blowing hot wind around the motherboard for 5 minutes, next placing 1 minute, after that blowing cool wind for 3 minutes. That is just one process, to ensure your phone can power on, you’d better blow the motherboard above 20 minutes.

s7 edge remove battery

Finally, Connect LCD Flex Ribbon, Insert Battery and Test Starting Up. If everything is ok, you can test other parts, such as camera, WiFi, call, loud speaker, ear speaker and buttons, to ensure whether each part functions well.

Galaxy s7 edge

During the processing, easily damaged part is the LCD Flex Ribbon, one for flex cable loss, other is flex ribbon loose with stripe which not means bad. The most easily damaged is LCD Screen, you must be careful and patient during the repair. If you are interested in repairing phones and facing with problems, please contact us sales@futuresupplier.com.

power on s7 edge

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