What You Do Not Know About Your Phone

Did you really know your phone: Feel hopeless when phone fell into water?

Run out of power when buying a new phone?

Worried about the charging issue when playing games?

Whether the phone can charge all night?

According to statistics, 19% of people have had the phone fell into the water, but most fall into the toilet! Then how would you do?

phone fall int0 toilet

And then? Forced rejection? Under the sun? With a hair dryer blowing? Dear! Do not save your “kidney”!

Now, to save thousands of “drowning kidney” artifact coming! It is – rice!

Yes, that everyone has, and everyone eat it.

How to rescue the phone? Just four steps! Take a look!

First: Salvage the phone quickly. Do not be distracted, with the fastest speed get it out of the water.

Second: Remove the battery (This step does not suit for iPhone). Do not press any key, and do not shut down, remove the battery directly.

Third: remove the water. Remember, do not use a hair dryer or stove to get next to bake, because the external heat can damage the phone’s internal precision electronic components. The correct approach is to use a clean towel to wipe quickly to ensure that water does not flow into the charging port, headphone jack and other holes.

Fourth: Drying. Place your phone in dry rice bags 24-36 hours, or even longer. It is simple and convenient, the emergency policy easiest operation.

If you iPhone has the experience, the steps are simpler, direct dry into the rice! Not surprisingly, after a night, your phone will be intact up!

save your phone with rice

When buy a new phone, many people habitually using battery until it automatic shutdown, then re-charged. In fact, it is no need to do that, now the mobile phone batteries are Li-ion batteries, the factory has been done before activation, as before, we do not want to activate the battery through the battery charge and discharge completely. Are they still using the previous method, it is superfluous, not only cannot play any help, even will damage the battery. In fact, mobile phones are now lithium batteries, the emphasis is on “frequent meals”, which can play a greater role in lithium batteries.

battery com

Someone think we should not charge the phone when calling or playing games, for fear of an explosion.

In fact, the cell phone lithium battery has a self-protection function, when the battery is short-circuited or excessive discharge, it will automatically cut off power, substantially no explosion.

The explosion is generally caused by using a non-original batteries, or the use of substandard quality of the battery, these are very low probability event, as long as the normal operation, no need to worry about the occurrence of these accidents explosion.

In general, the phone is charging, if the heat would be more severe, then do not call again, or play games, or the accident happened, it also poignant.

playing while charging

Another statement consider the phone cannot charge all night, so sometimes in the middle of the night to unplug the power, fear too long to charge the phone battery will cause damage. In fact, lithium batteries, and not everyone thought so fragile, when the battery is full, charging will automatically cut off power supply to avoid overload of charge, so do not worry about the damage caused by the cell phone battery, do not pull the power at the middle of night, sleep at ease now!

charging will automatically cut off power

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