When Do You Need to Change the iPhone Back Camera

iPhone camera not work

One of the best features of your iPhone is the camera. And there’s nothing more annoying than iPhone camera not working when you want to take a picture.

The iPhone’s camera is a combination of software and hardware. So, if your iPhone camera isn’t working, you need to investigate where the trouble lies—with the software or the hardware.

iphone 7 plus back camera need to replace

If it still not work after the software and hardware tests, then you need to replace a new back camera.

So how to choose a suitable back camera for your iPhone? This is what we are going to analyze in detail today. Let’s take iPhone 7 Plus as an example.

The quality on the market is mainly divided into the following categories:

1. 100% original new or original disassemble;

2. OEM refurbished (original flex cable is damaged, replaced a new cable)

3. Blu-ray with scratches (the camera lens surface is scratched);

4. The camera lens has watermark (eliminate watermarks and dirt by cleaning).

Now, let’s analyze one by one.

First is 100% original new or original disassemble quality.

As we all know, original quality works well and with good appearance, but unstable supply and high price are also the reality we have to face. Now mainly is disassembled quality.


Second is OEM refurbished (original flex cable is damaged, replaced a new cable).

Its main advantage is its low price, but in function, using it for a long time or dropping it will cause malfunction.

OEM Refurbished

Third is Blu-ray scratches (the camera lens surface is scratched).

Advantages: low price, stable function.
Disadvantages: camera lens scratches will affect the photo effect.

Blu ray with scratches

Last is the camera lens has watermark (eliminate watermarks and dirt by cleaning).

The appearance is invisible. If you buy the original camera but it is easily broken, it may be watermarked and cleaned.

Advantages: cheap price, perfect appearance.
Disadvantages: easy to damage and unstable.

camera lens has watermark

Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, just choose the right quality according to your needs.

Any more information or needs, please contact us: sales@futuresupplier.com.

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