Which Parts of Your iPhone 7 Really Cracked ?


From Etradesupply’s What you should know about replacing screen parts!, we know the basic ways to tell which parts (front glass lens, digitizer, LCD)are broken. Let’s review it again.

If you’ve damaged your front glass only, then the touch and display function will not be effected except for several cracks or scratches on your cellphone display, and that sounds like a lucky thing for you compared to other situations.

If the touchscreen broken, you’ll lose the touch function, but you could still see what is happening on the screen, and the screen should still function as normal.

When the LCD is broken, the panel will have dark blobs or spider web-looking cracks (or both). And maybe can no longer see anything on the screen. It can be verified if the screen has lines within it, or if it has a “spilled ink” look.

We can judge some problems from the appearance, but for more detailed information, we need to test the LCD screen. So the process for judging more issues is as following:

1. Sight: Look at the appearance, check the outline is good or not.


2. Test: if the glass is good, we need to test the touch function and tear the backlight for ensuring the LCD Function.  If the glass is broken and see “spilled ink” , we can judge preliminary there is something wrong with the LCD, and test for more result.

touch test)


3. Solution: From the above steps, we can judge which parts are wrong and get the solutions.

If the problem is in the glass, that’s simple to solve, just get a new glass and the phone can work again.

If the issues are on the touchscreen, pure change a new one is not realistic, Future Supplier can help you to refurbish, and you only need to pay for the processing fees. (Note: if your broken LCD is iPhone 6/6 Plus, we can convert it into iPhone 6S/6S Plus for you.)

screen separator

If you find it is the problem of the LCD, you need to consider to get a new LCD Assembly, but the broken LCD can send to Future Supplier for recycling.

Furthermore, we need to know the structure difference between OEM and Copy LCD, As following picture:



OEM LCD adopts In-cell technology, the touch sensor and glass is separate, even if the glass is broken, the touch function is not affected, that’s why the phone still work though the screen cracked.

Copy LCD adopts on-cell technology, the touch sensor and glass are stick together, if the glass is cracked, and touch function is affected.


Generally Speaking, pay attention and take care of your phone, no matter what technology the lcd adopts, you can not fall down the phone frequently. If it happens, Don’t panic. This article can help you and contact us: sales@futuresupplier.com.

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