Why Many Cell Phones Still Work Though the Screen Cracks ?

Can your phone still work when its screen cracks?

We often see that many cell phones still work though the screen cracks, but some cell phones aren’t able to work once the digitizer touch screen springs a leak in spite of unharmed LCD screen. What happened? It is not only up to how serious the leak is, but the technology that screens applied.

cracked screens

In order to get the answers clearly, let’s get to know the technology of cell phone screen firstly. There are three types of technology solutions adopted to cell phone screens, OGS (One Glass Solution),In-Cell and On-cell.



OGS technology, simply speaking, by plating ITO( Indium Tin Oxide) inside of the protective glass, the touchscreen is combined with protective glass cover, the protective glass and touchscreen can’t be separated because both are integrated into a whole. Most of Chinese cell phone producers adopt OGS technology, we usually see some files saying TOL(Touch On Lens),actually TOL is the same idea with OGS(One Glass Solution).

OGSThe screen which adopt OGS solution, once the glass cracks, the touch function is lost too, in that protect glass and touchscreen is a whole. If your phone belongs to OGS technology, pay attention in daily life.

Falling screen

In-Cell and On-Cell is similar, under the both solutions, there is a protect glass on the top to protect touchscreen and LCD panel. 


The difference is that In-cell makes touchscreen built-in to LCD panel, actually touch sensor function is built-in to LCD panel, so the touchscreen and LCD become an integrated whole, which makes cell phone screen more thinner, like most of the iPhones;

capacitive-in-cell-touch-panels-600x498 iPhone-7

On-cell is that touchscreen is on the LCD panel, for example, some screens of Samsung cell phones and LG cell phones adopt On-Cell solution.

The screens adopting In-cell and On-cell solution will not lose touch function even if the glass cracks, because touchscreen is underneath the protective glass,of course, it is based on the flex cable doesn’t peel off.

Incell And On-cell

All in all, the screens adopt OGS are popular by Chinese manufacturers for the low cost, but the touch function is not secure, once there is a rip on the glass, you have to go to after-sale service for a new screen. In-cell and On-cell solution will not lose touch function easily even if the glass cracks. Whatever, any technology can’t compare with your carefulness, be kind to your phone, you need not worry about the situation any more.

screen protector

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