Why Sony Z3 Series Front Housing Adhesive Should Be Heated Before Used?

Recently many videos about Sony Z3 front housing adhesive impressed us which showed the adhesive should be heated before used.  They said Sony Z3&Z5 series front housing adhesive are weak when they used, which caused problem when they assembled screen with frame. To explain this problem, we made a test and found some very important information.

For Sony Xperia Z3+ Front Housing Adhesive(1)
There are two types of front housing adhesive for Sony Z3/Z3Compact/Z3+, Z5/Z5Compact/Z5 Premium, one is original front housing adhesive, another is OEM compliant front housing adhesive. Let’s take Sony Z3 front housing adhesive for example. You will know the difference.

compare oem and oem-compliant

1. Material difference

z3 front housing adhesive compare

2. Quality difference

For non-original adhesive, there are different quality also as they are from different factories. So Future Supplier had tested many suppliers and would use the best source.

3. Usage difference

Step 1:
Clear up the residual gum on the screen &front housing with 90% Alcohol. Clear up the residual gum clean the lcd screen.



Step 2:
Peel off the films and put one side on the front housing then peel off final film. peel off the sticker

peel off the sticker

Heat up the front adhesive sticker for about 1 minute and make it stick tightly to the frame.

heat up

Step 3:
Original: Put the screen on and then put the whole front screen assembly with frame on the heating plate (80-100 centi degree for 5 second).

put screen on
Non-original: Put the screen on and press them with efforts.(No need to put it on the heating plate)

Last step:
Original: Press the screen with efforts and clean the screen surface.
Non-original: You could also use 3M reinforce to strengthen the stickiness before you put screen on.



So if Sony Z3 front housing adhesive you purchased is original, heat the item by heating plate before used, then it will work.
You will also notice the same situation would happen on Sony Z3 compact/Z3+, Z5/Z5 Compact/Z5 Premium. So the correct ways for you to use their front housing adhesives which are the same as Sony Z3.

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