Why We Choose High Quality Refurbishment Material

Now refurbishment is not fresh news, many repair shop owners have the idea of refurbishment, but are not sure how to realize it. They consider unknown problems during the process which lead to the embarrassing state that they can not make up their mind for refurbishment.Refurbishment deviceThe first thing to address is basic materials. When FutureSupplier first got into refurbishment, we thought technology and equipment were the main elements. After several years’ keep trying, we found that unqualified material result in rising fraction defective. Now we summarize the experience we have and the problems our customers have met, there are about following three points:

First, Front Frame installed warped:

If customer choose the cheap frame using general glue and rear housing, after installed them together, the tightness can not reach to the effect of 1:1. Within one month it will appear degumming condition, which may bring new complaint. However, only with high quality frame can not solve all the problems, the quality of glass is also important. If you have the matter of loose frame and excessive glue, you need think of the quality of glass and frame which may not fit perfectly.

Front Frame installed warpedFutureSupplier has professional refurbished factory in Dalas:full equipped and skilled workers. We can realize glass and frame pre-installed, without the problems mentioned above after quantity production.




Second, Material not clean with dust

This depends on basic material, mostly used material is Polarizer Film, Optical Clear Adhesive(OCA), LCD Backlight, Glass. Most of the Glass has gone towards TV screen, only offcut will be left which have many minor scratches and dust. A large part of cheap glass in market are from those offcuts, if you buy this glass for refurbishment, it will directly affect the vision of product and cause Complaint.

FutureSupplier has stable and specialized supplier, normative production process, the package is in good condition and securely stowed ensure the cleanliness of product. Professional equipment and high technology are our advantage.

futuresupplier 100 class clean room


Third. OCA joint with bubbles

The most common reason is NOT all OCA are whole piece model-cut, the cheap OCA in market are offcut model-cut, most of them have remaining dust. The question is you can NOT check the dust before you find the bubbles at the corner. Not only OCA is unqualified, also have damage to LCD. Other condition is without high accuracy cutting, if the OCA size can not fit well with glass and lcd, the bubbles will appear after installed together.

oca bubbles

FutureSupplier’s OCA is customized from specialized factory for model-cutting, the supply is stabilized and quality is superior. We have technical vacuum defoaming equipment, you need not worry about bubbles problems.



What’s more, we also consider acid-base property of OCA. If you never care for this aspect, the product stability can not control as for LCD flex ribbon may destroy by PH.

Pay attention: The cleanliness of OCA and Polarizer Film can’t be tested by eyes, only get through quantity production can find problems.

The problems mentioned above are about using inferior material for refurbishing LCD. Although you can save some money in terms of material, various Returns situation lower refurbishment yield and affect lcd cost.



We Futuresupplier chooses high quality material which get by mass production and factory authentication. We can find out solutions for the problems which can not judge from appearance and many hidden issues by mass producing. Material is the life of refurbishment, all we can do is choose high quality material.



These are the problems we have met and solved, if you are interested in refurbishment and start to do it, you can contact us for any technical matters.

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