Yellow Tint Screen or More Issues of iPhone SE

iPhone SE Yellow screen issue

Since the first day of iPhone SE on sale, many user who pre-ordered reflect the issue of “Yellow Screen Door”. The users reflect the iPhone SE screen having somewhat of a yellow tint, which even more yellow than the previous iPhone 5S. We can see from the picture below provided by the users, part of the screen area on the iPhone SE are clear yellow, especially the four sides.

Yellow Screen

Some people guess the reason is the System of IOS 9.3 with the function of Night Shift which can protect the eyes of users. This reason seems right, but more explanations surfaced.

Typically, the reason why your brand iPhone SE screen has a yellow tint is because of the adhesive material used for the touchscreen digitizer. This adhesives can take some time to dry out properly, and until it does so it gives a slight yellow tint to the screen that can strike panic at the heart of new iPhone owners. Although yellow-ey displays are a recurring phenomenon, but many people can not stand so yellow.

Thankfully, this isn’t a permanent issue. Time, being the best healer there is, will solve this issue as the glue dries out. It can take a few days, or maybe a couple of weeks at max for the yellow tint to disappear. However, if your tint doesn’t go anywhere after this period of time, you are recommended to take your iPhone SE to your local Apple Store and ask for a replacement.

Other issues also exposed in front of us: The problem of Power Button and Volume Button. It is said the power button is slack and perfunctory, as well as the volume button is not easy to press and not convenient to adjust the volume, furthermore with big noise when you are in call. Those issues make the experience of iPhone SE worse than iPhone 6.

Questions also occurred in Vibrating Module, many users found that the New iPhone SE used the old Vibrating Module which is noisy, could not compare with iPhone 6 with the soft vibration. The vibration has affected the normal life and working.

All questions make the sales of iPhone SE embarrassing, the data display that iPhone SE create the lowest sales amount among the iPhone family. While sales will keep falling or not remains to be seen.

iPhone SE Yellow screen



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