You Are Out If You Still Do Not Know Pre-installed Frame

With the popularization of iPhone 6, more and more problems are brought to our attention, such as loose frame, frame and lcd are separated,bad backlight and bubbles, black spots and dust etc. Many people are willing to repair instead of buying a new phone. However, most of repair shops adopt hot melt glue technology when repairing which appears degumming, cracking and excessive glue problems.

As following:

loose frame

Those questions come up more and more frequently. Repeated back repair not only waste time, but affect the performance of phone.

To solve these questions, the pre-installed frame for iPhone 6 series appears.

iPhone 6 plus glass lens with frame

First, let’s know about the component and definition:

The pre-installed frame is consist of two parts: frame and glass cover. Via cold glue technology, apply glue on the frame and glue it to the glass lens.

iPhone 6 lcd with pre-installed frame


1. Pre-installed glass cover with frame can keep viscidity to avoid frame from come off and flexible. It adopts cold glue bonding technology strictly according to original factory, glue the frame to the glass cover. Cold glue has the advantage of stable physical properties, once glue well, you need not worry about come off under minus 60℃.

2. Omit procedure, reduce risks and save costs: pre-installed technology achieves laminating  frame with screen directly, omits the process of gluing lcd with glass cover and frame respectively. But traditional laminating technology need fit twice which adds damage rate of screen.(Note: The lcd screen is fragile and easy to damage)

3. Easy and Convenient Operation, No need vacuum laminating.

Traditional way for LCD laminating need two-step: vacuum laminating frame & glass lens separately, this process is cumbersome and often prolonged. While pre-installed frame just need laminate screen with lcd laminate mould which is easy to operate and convenient to process. (Note: we have 5.5 inches/4.7 inches/4.0 inches/3.5 inches mould which is compatible with corresponding size )

lcd laminating mould

The lcd screen with pre-installed frame is not easy to appear degumming, cracking and excessive glue. The lcd adopts traditional technology using hot melt glue, the physical property is unstable which changes with the surroundings temperature and easy to excessive glue during the process of laminating. Cleanup process is cumbersome and facile to crack,however, cold glue technology will not have those problems.

Everything has the advantage and the disadvantage just as a coin has two sides. The pre-installed frame has the advantages as above, we should recognize its disadvantages too.

1. Because of stable physical property and strong viscous, once gluing together, it is difficult to disassemble, even professional equipment can not ensure high success rate.

2. During the process of disassemble, the lcd is easy to be damaged, refurbishing is difficult.

3. Not easy to repair: once the screen is broken, you need replace a new screen or change a new phone.

All in all, Pre-installed frame can solve degumming, cracking and excessive glue etc.problems. The cold glue technology is also mature and the supply is stable, why not give it a try?

Note: If you are interested in pre-installed frame, we have good news for you: purchase above 100pcs glass lens with frame,you can receive free adjustable LCD laminating mould as gift.


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