You Never Know How Ancient Chinese Celebrate Birthday

FutureSupplier Shenzhen team is having a birthday party on April 28th for Andy, Emmy, Colin and Angel. Members who were born on the same month would have a birthday celebration together and every one of us would join in the party. We are a very young team with average age of 25, so each is labeled with vigor and passion. Wish the best of luck to Andy, Emmy, Colin and Angel.

happy  birthday_1

Cake and fruits

happy  birthday_fruits and cake


Our USA team in Dallas Texas also celebrates birthday in the same way. Pizza and soft drinks are a must for the party.

US Birthdy 2 US Birthdy 1

Nowadays eating cakes, lighting candles and making wishes becomes the most popular way for birthday celebration. This custom was introduced to China in 1970s from Western countries. But hundreds of years ago, the ancient Chinese have their own ways to celebrate the parties in totally different forms which will make you surprised.

  • Birthday Peach (About B.C. 200)

In Han dynasty, a man named SunBin left his hometown for a new city for the learning of military strategy and tactics.  One day after twelve years, he missed his mother at the very day of her birthday. Then he came back home to see her with a special birthday gift – a big peach. His mother was very glad and ate the peach happily.  Upon the peach is swallowed in her stomach, an amazing thing happened. Her 60-year-old gray hair turned black, dim eyes turned bright again, missing teeth recovered, and wrinkles on faces all disappeared. The peach made her young again!  Though this is just a fairy story, but in Chinese culture peach stands for kind wishes for staying young and living long and it then becomes a tradition to gift people peaches at their birthdays.

birthday peach

  • Birthday Noodles

In old times of China, people feed on grass, leaves or even a special eatable soil due to the war. It’s rare for people to have access to a good meal like Baozi, rice or noodles. So a decent food is a definitely a sweet gift for the people we love. In Ancient China, noodle is the longest food meaning something can long for a very long period. So on the day of one’s birthday, their family or friends will make noodles for him or her, with the wishes that he or she could live a long life with joy and happiness.

Happy birthday_noodles

  • Birthday Traditional Opera

For rich and noble people, their birthday looks as gorgeous as today’s birthday party. Their friends come to visit them with gifts or money (the real gold or cash) and spend the day eating and talking together. They usually prepare a large Chinese traditional opera in return as the appreciation.

chinese opera

With the increasingly development of Chinese economy, Chinese culture is getting more and more popular with westerns. Hundreds of Confucius Institutes are established all over the world for international people to learn Chinese language and culture locally. Sale team from FutureSupplier is doing business communication with customers from North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. We would like to share with you about our traditions and help you improve your Chinese if you are interested in.

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