What You Need to Pay Attention When Replacing the Back Glass of Samsung S22 Ultra
Nov 28,2022

Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra users are dealing with a variety of bugs and performance issues.

While many of the issues have to do with the Android software that drives the phone, we've also heard about various hardware issues,
including screen defects.

Samsung is still working to resolve some of the lingering problems with the devices. That being said, we’ll continue to see new issues
emerge as people put more mileage on their phones.

In this guide, we will discuss the issue of Samsung back glass. Someone has done a professional drop test for the Galaxy S22, the S22+, and the big
Galaxy S22 Ultra, all broke on first drop, despite their new Armor Aluminum frame or the latest Gorilla Glass Victus+ cover front and back.

The fragile nature determines that you need to know the structure of the s22 back glass, Once broken, you can clearly know which parts to replace.

Let's take the S22 Ultra back glass as an example:

What we should pay attention to is the camera frame, the sensor has red and blue holes, which cannot be reversed, and the color should not be too dark,
and the light transmittance must be ensured. Specific standards, you can refer to the following picture:

What's more, there is a filter under the microphone.

All colors of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra series camera frame is Silver.

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