Future Supplier International

Apart from cellphone spare parts like LCD, frame, flex, batteries or screws for Apple, Samsung, LG, MOTO and other brands, our service range and supply chain solution extend to LCD screen refurbishing and used LCD buy back. In order to provide customers with a more efficient, more economic, and more trustworthy business line with local support, our lcd reclamation facility was established in Dallas, Texas in 2014, along with a USA warehouse for online store FutureSupplier.com.

USA Warehouse

Customers can receive their parcels within only one day if by Fedex Overnight shipping from our USA warehouse. Even by Fedex Ground, it would be only 3-4 business days. The main products are for iPhone 5 and 6 series LCD Screen and other spare parts. Our mission is to ensure each order to reach the clients’ end the soonest and the cheapest. Simple send a request to Sales@futuresupplier.com to get the latest stock in our USA warehouse. If you are in Dallas area, it’s very welcomed for you to pick up your order at our warehouse.

LCD Buy Back

Broken screens? Touch failure? DO NOT just dump them into trash can when actually you could have made money from it. Collect your lcds, pack them well, send to us in USA base or Hong Kong base, and get your money for the sold LCDs.  

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LCD Reclamation Program

With a 2,000 square meters base in Dallas USA and a weekly production of 500 lcds, our facility is recreating more and more value on broken-glass cellphone LCDs for telecom carriers, reverse logistics manufacturers and abundant of repair stores worldwide.We pride us on possessing 6 complete production lines starting from Glass Cutting, LCD Test, Glue Cleaning, OCA & PL Lamination, Bubble Dispensing, Frame Gluing and Small Components Configuration. With the development and growth of our Re-manufacture, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus line was established in 2014 to meet customers’ exclusive demand, followed by the LG line in 2015.  

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