• Future Supplier warrants from the date of purchase, all parts and accessories will be in lifetime warranty service.

    All warranty replacements are required to have a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number.



    1. Please make sure that both cosmetic and functional test are completed before installation, 

    if you find any issues, please do not install it.


    2. All failed product can get a warranty for a replacement unit only before the product is installed to the phone.

    3. Faulty part caused by unstable function in product after installation, free repair or replacement will be offered.

    A free repair is available for faulty by customers’ physical damage, and customer will only pay for the material costs and freight.

    4. The above decision need customer send the product back to us, and the freight should be paid by customer in advance. 

    A test report as well as inspection report from Future Supplier QC team for the returned units will be offered within 2-4 business days upon packaging is received. 

    (Note: if the responsibility is in our side, we will offer free shipping outbound and inbound. If not, customer should pay for both. )



    Value-added service:


    1. For returned product which was not purchased from Future Supplier, we won’t warrant for that but we would like to help repair for customers with only material cost charged.


    2. No warranty for unwanted product which was ordered by customer’s mistake or on intention of stock clearing for excessive inventory. We would like to help resell it to the open market at current price and charge 20% handling fee.


    Term Interpretation

    1. After Installation:

    When customer installs the product to the phone for testing.


    2. Physical Damage:

    All item(s) being returned must be in original condition with packaging, unused, and undamaged. No warranty for customer’s incorrect installation or maintenance.


    3. Not Our Products:

    Our products all come with “FS” stamp. If without the seal, then it’s regarded as not our products.


    4. Unstable Function:

    Product stability issue refers to products with flickering screen, damaged flex or black display.

  • We only accept orders through online from our website, and we rarely accept orders by e-mail, fax, or phone. Please discuss any special circumstances with our customer service representative.
    Please register first before placing orders, and then put the items into your shopping cart and go through checkout.
    Any products added to your online cart remain there until you remove them, or check out and make payment for them.

  • Shipping Invoice which has been stamped will be sent out with your package.

  • First please make sure the order has not been shipped. Please e-mail us at service@futuresupplier.com, and provide us the following information for each item you wish to add/remove in 

    your order:

    1.) Your order number;

    2.) The product SKU NO.;

    3.) The quantity you want to add;

    We will amend your order as requested. You can also place a new one and ask for refund of the previous one.

  • There are three circumstances:

    1.) If you have not paid for your order, there is no need to contact us to cancel it. We ignore all orders until a matching payment is received. Please note: if your order is pending payment for

     more than a week, you may not be able to “re-activate” it as the prices, shipping rates and/or currency conversion rates may have changed. In this case, simply reorder your items.

    2.) If your order was paid but not shipped yet, you can contact us to cancel the order.

    3.) If your order was paid and shipped, YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO CANCEL YOUR ORDER.

  • It is hard to change your address details/shipping courier/payment method once order placed. Please send an email to service@futuresupplier.com at very first time.

  • Yes, you can combine two orders into one single shipment. This arrangement is not possible due to the permitted weight and dimension of the package 

    shipment determined by the shipping agent. We will let you know if necessary. 

    Yes, you can separate the order for more than 2-3 packages, but you need to pay the extra shipping cost of each package.

  • You are required to make a report to us on damaged or missing item(s) in your package within 24 hours upon receipt of the package. Take note that you may also be required to provide us with photos or video files in order to resolve the matter promptly.
    Should you need any further support, please do contact customer service for further assistance.

  • In this case, please contact our customer service immediately. In order to solve every complaint efficiently, we may need your help and full support: 

    1.) We need some information such as the description of the encountered problem, including photos, videos (the higher the quality, the better); 

    2.) After we get this information, we will work together with our QC engineers to solve the problem.

  • If we returned your money and closed your order, there may be several reasons:
    1.) We were unable to verify your payment;
    2.) The products you ordered are out of stock;
    In most cases, our Customer Service Representatives will contact you by phone or mail to discuss the matter with you.
    If we cannot get in touch with you within 15 days after we receive your payment, we will return the payment to you. It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of your money and your order.

  • If you have any problems with your order, such as quality/payment/shipment/service, please email to service@futuresupplier.com.

  • An Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, manufactured products or components that are purchased by another company and retailed under that purchasing company's brand name. OEM refers to the company that originally manufactured the product. When referring to automotive parts, OEM designates a replacement part made by the manufacturer of the original part. In this usage, OEM means ÔÇťoriginal equipment from manufacturerÔÇŁ. The antonym of OEM is aftermarket.

  • Our products are lower in price and with high quality, there may be some small cosmetic defects on the product, but the functions are good and will not affect the usage.

  • We are capable of offering you value-added services through our website such as take-apart guidelines, general support involving part replacement, and how to do a professional packing 

    service, etc.

  • We have different prices for different quantities. If the quantity is less than 50 pieces per item, the price will be the same as that listed on our website. If your request is for more than 50 pieces per item (except for optical clear adhesive), please contact us at sales@futuresupplier.com for better prices.

  • Since there exists the possibility of receiving the defective parts from OEM manufactures, Future Supplier organizes 2 varied QC testing for each single part before shipment, thus we can try our best to inhibit the chance for defective parts running to our valued customers.