Futuresupplier is the leading wholesaler of cell phone spare parts and specializing in Re-manufacturing & Refurbishing smartphone LCD’s.

Futuresupplier has gained abundant experience in re-manufacturing technology. Our re-manufacturing services have been requested by Fortune 500 insurance companies, cellphone repairing alliances, cellphone refurbishing companies and refurbishing factories of insurance companies’ in North America and Middle East.

Futuresupplier now owns two different facilities offering refurbishing services to customers all over the world, with one in Dallas USA and the other in Shenzhen China. We also have a logistics center in HK for goods transshipment, and are planning to set up a branch company offering services for whole phone refurbishment over the next couple of years.


Futuresupplier has over several years of experience in LCDs re-manufacturing. We started re-manufacturing LCD for the original iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series.This experience has benefited us while we continuing to service for latest Samsung and iPhone models, such as for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus as well as for OLED display for the Samsung Galaxy S1~S6. We have updated our techniques and technology on back case refurbishing from polishing & painting, UV, laser etching on the famous Moto V3 Series, to plating, oxidation, CNC, abrasive blasting and IMD for Samsung S5 and iPhone 5, 6. Based on market-orientation,we are committed to supply global customers with high-quality, high-standard re-manufactured products.

If you have any question, please contact us: sales@futuresupplier.com