Multifunctional UVC Nano Coating Machine Sterilizer Box Aromatherapy Disinfection

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Multifunctional UVC Nano Coating Machine Sterilizer Box Aromatherapy Disinfection


1、Nano Coating machine/Sterilize/Aromatherapy.

2、Sterilize: 360° full protection and no side effects

3、Multi-function: it can sterilize all kinds of daily necessities such as masks/mobile phones/earphones/glasses/ornaments/underwear

4、With its own aroma function, you can choose a variety of fragrance

5、Efficient and fast: 10 minutes of disinfection for mobile phones

6、Indicator light and voice function: it comes with voice prompt. 

                                                          The indicator light will prompt and automatically turn off the light after sterilizing

7、Compact and portable: office/furniture/travel essential good products

8、Safety performance: 5V voltage supply, maximum 9W output power, safe and reliable

9、6 inch Scope of application: applicable to most daily necessities.

Technical data:

Product size(mm): 218*122*53

Inner holder size(mm): 180*100*22

Max size: 6 inches mobile phone

Input Voltage: DC 5V

Output Voltage: 2A

Power (Diffuse): 1w

Power (Sterilize) : 2W

Max power: 9W

Ultraviolet wavelength: 253.7nm


1、Close the circuit, put the items to be sterilized into the cavity of the disinfection box, close the upper cover, and click sterilize (left key)

2、According to the progress of the indicator light, the disinfection is completed in 10 minutes

3、If the use of aromatherapy function, open the disinfection box cover, in the fixed area,

     add their favorite fragrance, press the aromatherapy key (the right button), can be synchronized with the disinfection


1、Please do not open the disinfection box in the process of use. Ultraviolet wavelength is harmful to human body and glasses

2、Do not wipe with organic solvents

3、Keep it away from fire and corrosive chemicals

4、Keep it away from water

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